Healing a Childhood Wound

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Cinnamon

With the Sun in communicative Gemini and the Moon exalted in nurturing Cancer today, this is an ideal time to communicate with your inner child. Write a letter to your childhood self with words of encouragement and love for a very difficult time in your childhood. Don’t hold back. Compliment them. Tell them what you wish someone had told you but never did.

Fold the paper up and hold it to your chest. Focus on all the love, strength, and comfort as an energetic force running through your body and into your hands and infusing the letter with those feelings. Open up the letter and read it out loud as if you were reading the letter to your childhood self (and a part of you is).

Burn the letter in a safe manner, such as in a fireplace, a fireproof cauldron, or a bonfire. While your message may not be sent to the past, it’s sent to that part of yourself that is still a child who is holding on to that experience.

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