Wish Upon a Star

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sage

The warm and pleasant weather often found in May makes it a great month for stargazing. For this spell, wait until the sun goes down and then venture outside to do some stargazing. Instead of the usual glance, really look at the sky, taking in everything above you.

Once you’ve taken a thorough look at the heavens, settle in and pick a favorite star for that evening. You don’t have to know what star it is; the star should just resonate with you. As you look up at your star, feel its power and contemplate all the years it took for the light and energy of that star to reach planet Earth.

Tap into the energy of the star shining down upon you and say whatever it is you wish for. Let your intentions mix with the star’s energy to make your dreams a reality and say:

By starlight, my will be done!

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