Spell for Fertility within a Relationship

To promote spiritual, mental, or physical fertility within a relationship, during a waxing Moon work with your partner to anoint three red and two green candles with rose oil, rubbing from center to tip and center to base. Know that when they are lit, the candles will signal the beginning of the abundance of your mutual choosing. Talk positively as you work, and take turns lighting the candles while laughing. Then, each person should hold a pomegranate for a moment, and imbue it with your aspirations. Pour some pink champagne into a copper vessel, split the pomegranate and drop the pips into the vessel. Say: "May each seed take root and flourish as we desire." Using your fingers, take turns placing seeds in one another's mouths until all are gone. Finally, drink the champagne and end the spell with frolicsome activities of your choice.
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