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Imbolc Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Coriander

The fires of Brigit were tended by nineteen priestesses at Kildare, Ireland. Today these same sacred fires are tended by nineteen nuns. In the spirit of Brigit's fire, light white, red, or yellow candles to celebrate the return of the light at this time of year. Sing this verse while you light the candles:

Mighty Brigit, goddess of the forge, flying sparks and light,
Mistress who commands the strength
of fire and healing sight.

Patroness of poets, healers, and smiths,
Bring thy blessings and gifts.
Holder who balances the delicate forces
of fire's birth and death.

Transformation come,
inspiration flow,
Brigit bless all you know.
Element of fire, may you with Brigit's sacred light always warmly glow.

Priestess of fire and light, open up the forge and let creativity flow.
Visions of magic, muse to bards,
Let the winds of
imagination blow.

Brigit dance in my life and dreams,
The ancient truths reveal.
Share your fires of healing and vibrant health,
And keep my spirit well.

Protectress of mothers and children be,
Always watch over me.
May your fires burn bright in my heart,
And bless each project that I start.

Deep in the earth your wells of inspiration
flow abundant and free.
Come share your overflowing bounty with others and with me.

Mighty Brigit, this I know.
Where your magic is,
So do the wise go.

May I be among your blessed,
Fill my heart and spirit
with all that is best.

Holiday lore:
On Imbolc, a bundle of corn from the harvest is dressed in ribbons and becomes the Corn Bride. On February 2, the Corn Bride is placed on the hearth or hung on the door to bring prosperity, fertility, and protection to the home.

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