Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Jenay Marontate, author of the new Tea Magic.

Jenay MarontateAs the season of winter approaches, we honor the direction of north for all its cold and slender beauty of naked trees, frosty mornings, and frozen puddles. This is the time of year to go within—not only indoors where, we can keep the cold at bay, but to go within ourselves. Inside our inner dialog, and our quiet thoughts. This is the time to massage our deepest roots. You the know the ones. The ones that keep us grounded and stable during the challenge of winter. These roots, metaphorically speaking, act as an anchor, so we simply just don’t give way to the wind and blow away with the leaves.

The winter blues can affect all of us. All the time that we spend inside our homes and inside our minds this time of year can cause our thoughts to become heavy, and our energy levels to drop. Sometimes we even get stuck in a sedentary pattern of lackluster boringness. Breaking through this low-energy pattern can use a little help from a classic herb you already have in your kitchen cabinet or in your apothecary.

A good hot cup of peppermint tea can help change the course of a gray mood. Mint is one of those herbs that is easy to come by and easy to brew. The scent of mint peppermint can stimulate your mind and can have an uplifting and invigorating effect on your thoughts and spirit.

When holding a hot mug of mint tea and inhaling its beautiful aroma, not only are your hands warmed, but your brain is stimulated into thinking clearer thoughts. The tea begins to massage those roots that are deep within.

Take in a few deep breaths of the steam rolling up from your mug; hold them in for a few seconds and allow this herbal tea’s aromatherapy to shoot like a lightning bolt through every cell in your body, down to your roots, bringing with it that spectacular electrical bright flash know as joy to fill your lungs, your mind, your body, your spirit, and your magic. Hold that thought and breath for a moment, allow the crisp tingle of the mint to stimulate and uplift your body’s vibration.

Then exhale the gray, the frozen, the stagnate. They no longer serve you. Deep within your inner dialog, your inner winter self, massage those knots out of your roots. Consciously breathe in a boost of peppermint lightning and exhale the lackluster, boring patterns.

Sip in the warm charge of peppermint—a simple but classic delight. Allow this brew to electrify your senses, bring clarity to your thoughts, energy to your day, and joy into your cup.

Our thanks to Jo for her guest post! For more from Jenay Marontate, read her article “The Steep on Mulling Spice.”

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