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Yoga Through the Year

A Seasonal Approach to Your Practice

Create a Powerful Connection Between Yoga and the Wheel of the Year

Find balance in your yoga practice and your life by connecting with nature and the cycle of the seasons. Yoga Through the Year reimagines yoga as a way to unite complimentary opposites—heaven and earth, sun and moon, male and female. Providing inspiration, guidance, and more than 100 illustrations, this book shows you how to work with the prevalent energy of each season and develop an authentic practice that makes you happier and healthier.

Learn how to best work with the challenges and opportunities present throughout the wheel of the year. Explore mindfulness exercises, visualizations, meditations, and yoga poses and sequences that are specially designed for each season. This remarkable book's approach can be personalized to fit your needs all year long. With it, you can develop your own rhythm in response to each seasonal change.

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"The essence of this book is integration, mind and body, male and female, life and death by using the analogy of the seasons. The techniques of yoga form the primary thread, but mindfulness and compassion and poetry are also woven throughout the narrative. In this age of increasing fragmentation, I can recommend this book as unifying force."—Janet Treasure, PhD, FRCP FRCpsych

"As both a yoga teacher and yoga student, I found Yoga through the Year a genuine delight to read...By aligning ourselves to the prevalent energy of the current season, we can bring our lives into balance, achieving just the right amount of activity, rest, and contemplation. Jilly is a wise and reassuring presence throughout the book...[Her] inspiring words and thoughtful suggestions can only lead us towards a more compassionate, harmonious and healthier life. I recommend this book whole-heartedly—I loved it."—Judy Brenan, British Wheel of Yoga teacher

"Yoga Through the Year brilliantly reclaims yoga as a nature-based and female-centered practice that is perfect for every body! Author Jilly Shipway incorporates the wisdom of trees to guide seasonal specific poses, offers personal questions to meditate on, and provides activities designed to internally integrate us into what Nature powerfully teaches us throughout the year. Based on the legend of Gonika, mother of Patanjali, that the origin of yoga was born from the womb of the earth, Shipway powerfully demonstrates that 'When we connect with the earth though our seasonal practice we are united with yoga itself.'"—Ruth Barrett, author of Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries

"There is much that we all can learn from trees, nature, and the cycle of the seasons. Aiming to reunite male and female energies, Jilly Shipway brings this inspiration to the practice of yoga. Women are so often excluded from the inner secrets of spiritual practices. Learning to live again in harmony is something wonderful to aspire to."—Jane Gifford, author ofThe Celtic Wisdom of Trees

"[Yoga Through the Year] empowers us to step toward our own authentic holistic wisdom and bring this into our daily yoga practice. Jilly encourages us to align ourselves to our intuitive selves through our inspired personal connection to the seasonal flow of the natural world around us, with mindfulness and gratitude….Jilly's calm, clear voice shines through this special book, as she guides us though simple, accessible, uncomplicated yoga poses and meditations that connect us to each of the seasons, helping us be more in touch with the earth to deepen our journey with trees and become more aware of our feelings."—Glennie Kindred, author of Earth Wisdom

"Yoga Through the Year is a beautiful combination of yoga history and philosophy as well as practices and meditations that invite readers to harmonize with the wisdom of the seasons.…I recommend this book to yoga practitioners of all levels as well as those interested in studying the majesty of the natural world and expanse of the human experience."—Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, C-IAYT, author of Body Mindful Yoga

"This is an inspirational book…Jilly Shipway steers us safely through an annual spirit-nature trail, with thought-provoking yoga asana practices, meditations, visualizations, creative projects, poetry, and tree wisdom–inspired thoughts.…I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone wishing to explore new territory in their yoga practice throughout the year!"—Lindy Roy, Viniyoga teacher and Whole Woman Practitioner

"This book encourages the yoga practitioner to tune in to the subtle changes each season brings in. It is enriching to stay open and receptive to the moods and modes each season suggests as it comes into being."—Sandra Sabatini, author of Breath: The Essence of Yoga

ISBN-13: 9780738756912
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: July 2019
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 216 pages
Size: 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 30

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