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The Yoga Life

Applying Comprehensive Yoga Therapy to All Areas of Your Life

Reclaim Your Health with this Whole-Person Approach to Wellness

Featuring extensive yogic wisdom, real-world examples of its ideas in action, and inspiring discussions, this innovative book helps you design and apply a personalized system of yoga to all areas of your life. Both scientific and spiritual perspectives are featured, merging Eastern and Western knowledge to show you the ideal path to a happy, healthy, and comprehensive yoga lifestyle.

The Yoga Life makes it easy to incorporate yoga's philosophy and guiding principles into your daily routine. Discover breathwork and meditation exercises, stress-relief techniques, and self-assessment sections. Explore the four steps for whole-person perspective, the five paths of yoga for self-realization, and the ten lifestyle areas for comprehensive health. From sleep and nutrition to relationships and finances, this book helps evaluate where you are and where you can improve in order to create a unique practice that brings positive, lasting change.

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"A compelling read for anyone seeking a better life. Robert Butera, Jennifer Hilbert, and Ilene Rosen have crafted an important book for mastering overall health and well-being. I highly recommend it to people of any level of yoga experience. The engaging topics and customizable process lead you on a path to self-understanding and transformation like no other!"—Erin Byron, MA, C-IAYT, author of Yoga for the Creative Soul

"[This book] elegantly establishes a foundation based on the principles of Comprehensive Yoga Therapy and the Five Paths of Yoga. With that foundation established, the authors then present ten chapters, each covering a distinct lifestyle area. Each of the chapters are a seamless blend of Yogic principles and concepts, and western science...This is not a cookbook that presents a recipe, but instead it empowers the reader to take charge of their life. I recommend this book to anyone interested in how to improve their life through lifestyle changes, but also to yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and health care workers."—Staffan Elgelid, PT, PhD

"A comprehensive guide to holistic living that brings vitality to the body, mind, and spirit. Each chapter weaves together yoga practices, yoga philosophies, research, and action items to lead readers to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and inner peace. I highly recommend this book to all students of yoga and anyone on a health journey. This book is also an invaluable resource for yoga therapists, health coaches, psychologists, and medical professionals. The Yoga Life is an essential companion in my own life and a resource I share with my yoga therapy clients."—Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, C-IAYT, author of Body Mindful Yoga

"The Yoga Life starts from a place of recognizing we are already whole, and every person is unique. In this rich perspective with a focus on lifestyle medicine, the authors offer yoga as a journey and opens the door to greater discovery of self. Readers simply open the pages to become a curious and engaged learner in the development of self-efficacy and awareness of the holistic process of the interconnected nature of mind-body-spirit based yoga. Each chapter unfolds various life venues worth discovering to find the pearls; a wonderful opportunity to deepen each day to 'connect your thoughts' through The Yoga Life."—Mary Lou Galantino, PT, PhD, MSCE, FAPTA, professor of physical therapy at Stockton Univeristy, New Jersey

"It is clearly a book to be read and read again—a reference and a resource for one's wellness journey. This book takes us on a self-assessment journey, recognizing that by listening to and learning from our own bodies, our own minds, our own emotions, and our own spirit, we can design our own path to a healthier lifestyle. It's about getting back to our individual core values—our personal vision for our best selves—and aligning our physical, mental, and emotional lifestyle habits in fulfillment of these values. As a practitioner of Western Medicine for over 30 years, I find this book a welcome addition to the world of health."—Robin A Smith MD, primary care pediatrician at Dowd Medical Associates, Reading, Massachusetts

"Even though yoga is an ancient philosophy, the authors do an exceptionally good job in identifying its unique ability to bring in a healthy lifestyle across so many phases of one's life in today's busy and technology-filled world. Exercises mentioned in this book for various aspects of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy are not just simple to understand but are very interactive and easy-to-do….I am glad that this book on the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy is out there for everyone to explore."—Anil Chauhan, MD, FSAR FSRU associate professor in the Department of Radiology, University of Minnesota

ISBN-13: 9780738757674
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: July 2021
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 252 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 32

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