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The Astrology of Our Fathers


As we celebrate fathers all over world, this tribute is based on your papa's zodiac sign. Read on!

Aries: The Aries Dad is strong and courageous. He's a natural leader and someone who enjoys "being in charge." He wants the best for his children and often pushes them very hard. He's a strong competitor, too. He likes to win! You'll find the Aries Dad a lot of fun also; there's never a dull moment when he's around. His adventurous spirit can sometimes get him in a little trouble now and then, but he's willing to take the chance. He sets high standards for himself and often enjoys chasing after his dreams sometimes more than basking in the glow of the his success. That's not to say he won't enjoy the applause and admiration!

Taurus: The Taurus dad is strong and stubborn but has a heart of gold. This dad has a lot of patience but when he gets pushed too far, watch out! His temper is a slow burn, and if your daddy is a Bull, then you probably know how far you can push him before the volcano erupts! He's logical, kind, and down to earth. He worries about money too much. He takes his job as the breadwinner very seriously, wanting to make sure that his family needs are taken care of and then some. It doesn't take much to make this dad happy: a nice home cooked meal (preferably steak and potatoes, please), his Lazy-Boy Chair, and the remote control within arm's reach!

Gemini: The Gemini dad is forever youthful. He's a kid at heart, and will probably never truly grow up. If you need someone to talk to, this guy will be there. He loves to communicate and lends a good ear. He can't sit still for too long, so the Gemini dad is constantly on the run; he loves to travel, especially those short trips. He probably has a favorite restaurant he' a regular at where everyone in town knows him on a first-name basis. The Gemini dad can be a little moody sometimes because he is born under the side of the Twins, giving him a dual personality. He does know how to relate to his kids, at least wanting to give it a good try. He's apt to be much younger looking that his age reveals, so don't be surprised if someone mistakes him for your older brother!

Cancer: The Cancer dad is nurturing, sentimental and oh, so sensitive. But does he always show just how emotionally he really is? Chances are, he does not, but all those mushy feelings are buried deep down somewhere. He loves you more than life itself, but sometimes it's difficult for him to show it. He tries to act cool and confident, but underneath that hard crab shell is one huge softy, who probably cried at your graduation ceremony and you never knew it! Here is a father who also saves everything you have ever given him. He's probably got a memory box stashed away in his closet with notes, cards, and pencil holders made from a soup can you made in kindergarten. He's moody. He probably complains a little too much. But, he's a good guy, a real family man and a homebody at heart.

Leo: The Leo dad is a man with a heart of gold, generous to a fault. He'll stop at nothing to see that his family and children are taken care of and that all of their needs are met. He will work long, hard hours to give his family the very best. He is a strong ruler, though, and commands respect. He loves to be lavished with attention and admiration; go ahead and fuss over him. He'll love you even more! (If that's possible.) The Leo dad's biggest vice is that he is a workaholic and not around much, and when he is, he likes to keep busy. He' a proud dad and boasts about your accomplishments. He'll stick by you through thick and thin. A Leo dad is loyal and the success he strives for in life is usually to make his family proud.

Virgo: The Virgo dad is smart, but quite a worry wart. He loves to help people, and is probably considered the handyman of the neighborhood. You can always count on him, as he is very dependable. Ruled by he planet Mercury, he analyzes things to death! He always looks as if he has something on his mind, and likes to stay busy. This dad loves to give advice; often that advice can border on nagging, but don't hold that against him. He just wants you to be the best you can possible be. Yes, he's a nit picker. Some things have to just so. The Virgo Dad enjoys volunteering and probably has coached the little league team or worked at your school fund-raisers. This dad is a salt of the earth type of guy. It doesn't take much to make him happy. His biggest pleasure comes from doing things to help you.

Libra: Everybody likes your Libra dad. You'll probably never hear a bad word spoken about him. You think he's pretty special, too. The Libra dad tends to be charismatic, handsome, and an all around nice guy. He really doesn't like to argue; in fact, he avoids confrontation most of the time. But if something is unfair, he will stand up for himself and anyone involved in the nasty situation, too. The Libra dad is also very social. He can spin a yarn like no other, and many people find him fascinating and funny. He is quite intelligent and usually likes to read if for nothing else but to keep up to date on current events and local happenings. He loves to socialize, and probably belongs to several community groups. His fathering style is gentle, and although he's not really emotional, he is sensitive. He tries to provide a happy balance in his children's lives and give them special privileges and opportunities.

Scorpio: Underneath the Scorpio dad's cool, calm, stern exterior lies a gentle, sensitive man who doesn't often let you know how emotional he really is. Dad will have a poker face until he gets angry. You know how far you can push him! He's a strong father figure who will make you feel protected and safe. He is fiercely loyal to those he loves, and if anyone wrongs his children, watch out. No one knows the fury of a Scorpio whose child has been bullied at school. How dare the umpire make a bad call on his kid! One should never ever tell little white lies to a Scorpio father; he has a sixth sense and eyes in the back of his head! Not really, but he might as well, because his strong intuition knows exactly what you're up to. All in all, this powerful influence in your life will help you succeed in whatever goals you are after.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius dad is like a big kid! He loves to have fun. He's rugged, handsome, and full of fire. Many Sag dads love sports and are either big spectators or athletes. They often are the life of the party and seem to have tons of friends. They are also very good debaters. Notice I didn't use the word, "argue?" They love a good debate and usually win. They are honest men who in turn teach their children to be responsible and trustworthy. Sag dads are a little lax, however, in the discipline department. Never mind if Mom says you had to be in bed by 10 pm as a youngster. Dad wouldn't mind if he let you stay up and watch TV with him until midnight! Most Sagittarius dads love to travel. Their car or truck is also their "baby"—Heaven help us if their wheels were taken away! The Sag dad's restless spirit opens him up to new adventures and many times, he wishes to pass along the thrill of living to his children.

Capricorn: Strong, devoted, hard working, and old fashioned are all words that describe some of the Capricorn father's characteristics. This dad can be strict and very opinionated. He expects respect and indeed earns it through his devotion to his family. He will not lie to you. You may not like what he has to say; you may not always agree with his opinion, but he will tell it like it is. There is no gray area with him; everything is black or white. They believe in instilling strong work ethics in their kids and teach them to work hard for of the things they want. Cappy dads are strong-minded and will go to the end of the earth to see that their children get a good education that will provide the opportunity for a comfortable future.

Aquarius: There are two types of Aquarius dads: the extrovert and introvert. But one thing's for certain: both are real men, tough guys with a soft spot for their kids. Aquarius dads seldom show their soft side, but when they do it's usually after they help someone get through a crisis. They can tackle almost anything that comes their way. These guys are the strong, silent types. They are the knights in shining armor. These dad love to feel as if they belong to something, and many join groups and organizations. You will also find a great deal of them volunteering for worthy causes as they like to feel as they are making a difference in the world. Many Aquarius dads are computer geeks too, handy at fixing gadgets and gizmos. These guys appear tough and stoic but underneath that "macho" attitude lies a big old teddy bear!

Pisces: The Pisces dad can be a real pushover. He usually gives in to his children's whims. He can't help it, but he loves them so darn much and no matter how much he spoils them, he never feels it's quite enough. This is one of the most sympathetic signs in the zodiac. Pisces is a people-pleaser, and at times a big whiner, too! But oh, so lovable. He's quite intuitive, too. Pisces dads will teach you to dream big, to remember to make time to "play," and to have fun. They worry a lot about their children; they want you to stay "little" forever so they can protect you from the harsh realities of the outside world. But, they will also encourage you to dream big and help you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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