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Using Predictive Astrology to Understand the Last Two Eclipses of 2011


As a divination tool, predictive astrology is really about planning your future. Why? Because life and astrology are not at all fateful. The choices you make are what are fateful, and by making informed decisions, you increase your odds for success in your job, relationships, finances, and much more.

Predictive astrology can give you this edge in life, and it provides accurate timing to help you know when and where to focus your efforts.

In my book, Llewellyn's Complete Book of Predictive Astrology, you'll learn about nearly every technique used by professional astrologers. These include solar and planetary returns, progressions, transits, the effect of New and Full Moons and eclipses, and how to predict when an event will occur in your life. All of these techniques can help you look forward in your chart to see what the future holds before making major decisions such as whether to purchase a home, change jobs, or form a partnership.

Like progressions and outer planet transits, eclipses indicate trends in your life, which are activated by New and Full Moons and the transits of fast-moving planets. Llewellyn's Complete Book of Predictive Astrology will teach you how to identify the trends and then to narrow the focus to a specific month, week, and day when an event will occur.

If you're unfamiliar with the basics of predictive astrology, it's simple: Planet A contacts Planet B, and action happens. You can use the Moon, which zips through all twelve signs of the zodiac in about a month, to choose the best day to bargain shop, for example. The slower moving planets, some of which take years to move through a sign, indicate trends and major events when they contact a planet in your chart.

There are three New Moons during the last three months of 2011, with the November New Moon also being a solar eclipse. There also is a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon in December. Each of these eclipses can give you a heads-up regarding trends that will be active in your life well into 2012. Combined with knowledge of the current progressions and outer planet transits, which you can learn how to identify in my book, you'll be set to make the best of 2012 and future years.

Each New and Full Moon and eclipse is located in one of the twelve houses in your chart, and each house is associated with a particular area of life. It is this area that is emphasized during the six to twelve months following an eclipse, the four weeks following a New Moon, and the two weeks following a Full Moon. Generally, matters come to your attention at the New Moon/solar eclipse and further developments occur at the Full Moon/lunar eclipse. Minor events that occur around the New Moon are often concluded in the two weeks following the Full Moon. Usually, but not always, the Full Moon/lunar eclipse is in the house opposite the location of the New Moon/solar eclipse (first/seventh, second/eighth, third/ninth, etc.).

These are the basic meanings of the houses:
First House: You
Second House: Your money
Third House: Communication, learning, quick trips
Fourth House: Home, family
Fifth House: Children, recreation, speculation
Sixth House: Job, health, service
Seventh House: Relationships
Eighth House: Other people's money, including debtors
Ninth House: Higher education, travel, long distances
Tenth House: Career, status
Eleventh House: Friends, groups
Twelfth House: Spirituality, health, hidden matters, institutions

Let's try this now. Look at your birth chart and write the New and Full Moon positions listed below in the appropriate houses. (If you also have your progressed chart, use that along with your birth chart.)

Find the location of the October 26, 2011, New Moon at 3 Scorpio. Then, using the house meanings, you can discover which area of your life will be in focus during the following four weeks. The next Full Moon is November 10 at 18 Taurus, so around that time you can expect further developments regarding what occurred near the October New Moon. (Data, including the exact time, for all the New and Full Moons is available in Llewellyn's 2012 Astrological Calendar and Llewellyn's 2012 Daily Planetary Guide.)

Pay particular attention to the degrees of the New and Full Moons and eclipses. If you have a planet (birth or progressed) within about five degrees of this position, the New Moon/solar eclipse or Full Moon/lunar eclipse period will be more active in your life. Even if you don't have a planet there, however, you'll still experience the effects of the New or Full Moon or eclipse in the house where it's located.

You can also create a chart for the New and Full Moons and eclipses in order to see which of the other planets are emphasized and which are in aspect to the Sun and Moon. (You can find more information about aspects in Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology, the companion volume to Llewellyn's Complete Book of Predictive Astrology.)

There will be two eclipses before the end of 2011, so the influence of each will extend into 2012: a New Moon/Solar Eclipse on November 25 at 2 Sagittarius, and a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on December 10 at 18 Gemini. Look at your chart and note the house location of these eclipses. Based on the house position alone, this is what might occur in your life in late 2011/2012:

First House Solar Eclipse/Seventh House Lunar Eclipse
The emphasis will be on you and your relationships, including partner, coworkers, friends, pets, and other people who have a role in your life. At this time, you can make career strides because you're in an ambitious phase. Increased income is also a strong possibility. But you should do whatever is necessary to maintain an objective viewpoint and to assess the downside as well as the upside of a career/job development. Act on facts, not promises. Premature decisions can backfire, and resist the temptation to take on more than you can reasonably handle.

Relationships will be generally positive, although your partner might express displeasure if you over-emphasize your work life. A new romance could have potential, but take things slowly and let your head dominate your heart. What initially seems like a winner could end up being just the opposite.

Second House Solar Eclipse/Eighth House Lunar Eclipse
Finances are at the forefront as these eclipses activate your second and eighth houses. The second house is associated with personal finance, including your income, savings, debt, and spending habits, as well as your possessions. The eighth house governs other people's money, including lenders, insurance, taxes, and your partner's income and debt.

Both of these eclipses favor financial planning and goal setting. Although you and your partner might initially disagree about these matters, an open-minded approach can lead you to an effective compromise. It's wise, though, not to include increased earnings in your plan as what you hope for (or what might have been promised) may not become reality until well into 2012. Think twice if a property purchase is appealing. Although it may look like a good deal, there are likely hidden factors that won't become apparent for some time. The same applies to major household purchases. Hold off until later in 2012, and focus on paying off debt and increasing savings.

Third House Solar Eclipse/Ninth House Lunar Eclipse
Travel and learning will be central themes in your life as these eclipses activate your desire for knowledge and new and different experiences. Someone new could enter your life—a romantic interest or networking contact—if you take a short-term class or get involved in your community. This person could also be a neighbor. Don't be quick to align yourself with this new acquaintance as he or she could be decidedly different from first appearances. Be cautious about inviting anyone into your home as a roommate.

These eclipses could also prompt the desire or need for a new vehicle. Caution is also advised here as that shiny, new car could turn out to be a lemon, especially if it's pre-owned. Rely on your own judgment and that of a trusted mechanic rather than a good friend or partner. If your current vehicle is in need of a repair, seek recommendations before hiring a mechanic. The same guidelines apply to appliances and other mechanical devices; hold off until much later in 2012 before buying if possible. If you travel, double-check reservations and be prepared for delays.

Fourth House Solar Eclipse/Tenth House Lunar Eclipse
Home and family are in focus, along with your career life. As much as this might tempt you to say goodbye to your day job in favor of a home-based business, that's not the wisest idea. Finances, including income, will become an issue sooner rather than later. Now is also not the time to seek a loan or mortgage because either will end up being more costly than expected. The same applies to major domestic purchases or career moves, which you'll be uncharacteristically inclined to do on the spur of the moment.

These eclipses encourage you to use your practical creativity to make your house or apartment a home. New decor and remodeling can be successful if you first plan every facet of any project, including an accurate estimate of costs. A new roommate, especially a romantic interest, isn't the best idea now. Instead, strengthen ties with family and clear up misunderstandings that are the result of jumping to conclusions.

Fifth House Solar Eclipse/Eleventh House Lunar Eclipse
These eclipses activate your sectors of fun, romance, children, and friendship. All will be a part of your life in the coming months, and you'll be the center of attention at many social events. Set a firm budget beforehand, however, as you'll be more than usually tempted to spend on impulse, both for fun and luxuries. Take your time and you can find many bargains, especially on career clothing. You could earn a nice raise during this favorable career period, when decision-makers notice you.

A new romance could catch you by surprise, but it may not be a long-lasting one. Enjoy the moment and reserve judgment about the future. If you're in a committed relationship, however, this can be an especially exciting time, including a romantic vacation. Budget carefully so you can afford it, as there could be extra expenses related to your children. Be cautious with investments; it may be a long time before you see any returns.

Sixth House Solar Eclipse/Twelfth House Lunar Eclipse
A desire for a healthier lifestyle could motivate you to change your diet and schedule regular exercise. That's the influence of the sixth and twelfth houses, which are associated with health and wellness. It would also be a good idea to take extra precautions in order to minimize the chance for catching a cold or flu, especially during the winter and spring. You also could be involved in the healthcare of a sibling or another relative, a pet, or even a neighbor.

Job matters are also in focus under the influence of these eclipses. There is potential for a new position, a promotion, or a new career direction. Avoid quick decisions, however. Gather facts, weigh the options in light of your goals, ask critical questions, and take time to examine all the pros and cons. Teamwork can be especially advantageous during this period, and you could be asked to take on a leadership role in a club or organization. Friends and networking can be invaluable.

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