5 Tips to Effectively Receive and Understand Psychic Messages

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You are psychic. Yes, you. I can confidently make this statement, because utilizing intuitive abilities is inherent to all of us. While it can seem magical, it's very, very real and is simply part of our makeup. The distinction isn't if you are psychic, it's whether you're consciously psychic or not. And becoming intentionally aware of your abilities is where the true magic begins.

If you've come to this article determined to mindfully practice and grow your psychic muscle, welcome! Whether you're new to working with your subtle skills or you've been developing them for a while, going over foundational basics can sometimes reveal the practices that are most powerful for you. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to effectively receive and understand psychic messages that are coming to you.

  1. Intentionally Tune In
    A great starting point is learning how to be still, clear your mind, and tune into your energy and inner guidance. Here is a practice to get started.
    • Settle In and Find Stillness
      Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and let it out. On your next breath, feel it go all the way down to your belly. Allow your breath to expand your belly before you let it out. Take another deep breath and let it out. As you continue breathing deeply, feel your body begin to relax…

      Now tune in to your energy. Pay attention to whether it feels as though it's reaching out externally. For example, while you're trying to relax, are you also listening for your kids or anticipating someone needing your attention? Or you might feel how a part of you is trying to time your practice, so that you can move on to your next task. If you find these types of reaching out energies, notice them and see yourself bringing that energy back into yourself. Like an octopus with all its outstretched limbs, one by one you pull each arm back in, until all your energy is centered.

      Sit in this stillness and continue deep breathing.
    • Yes or No
      Your energy is now focused internally. The next step us to tune in to find your "yes" and "no." With your eyes still closed, ask:
      • "What is my intuitive sign for yes?"
      • "What is my intuitive sign for no?"
      To confirm your yes and no signs say, "My name is…" and say your correct name. Tune in and see which sign pops up. Repeat again, but this time use a name that isn't actually your name. See what sign pops up. When you're done, you can open your eyes and jot down what you received.

      I have used this tuning in practice to ask, "Is this item beneficial for me?" In my mind I see a lotus flower. If the item is beneficial, I see a closed flower that opens its petals wide. If it isn't a beneficial item for me, I see an open lotus that closes its petals. Open = yes. Closed = no. You might simply see the word "Yes" or "No," like signs. Or perhaps you see green and red. Or maybe you hear the words yes or no in your mind. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Watch for Indicators That Help to Confirm a Message There are no set rules for message interpretation or how to know whether you've intuited things correctly. Instead, it's a learned (and personal) language. Even though interpretation of symbols and messages can be very subjective, there are some indicators you can watch for to help confirm that you've understood correctly. These include:
    • Physical and emotional sensations—Chills, smiling, laughing, mouth open with sense of surprise.
    • The "Aha!" moment—A dramatic moment of clarity that comes with a sense of excitement and recognition where the meaning is clear and you just know that's it.
    • Synchronicity—That aligns to confirm the meaning you suspected of a message.
    • External confirmation—A person you're sharing with or other resource (like a dream or symbol dictionary) confirms it as correct.
    • Writing or vocalizing the message—If you aren't sure, speaking the message out loud or writing it down will keep the energy moving and allows more insight to drop in, to help confirm the meaning.
    • Tuning in—Ask yes or no. Refer to the previous practice to check in and ask whether you've interpreted a message correctly.

  3. When In Doubt, Ask for More Information
    If in doubt, ask Spirit! This is not a multiple-choice quiz. There is no need to guess. You're allowed to ask for help. Simply make a request for clarification to a specific guide/loved one or Spirit/Universe/God. Then tune in and see what Spirit responds back with.

    Keep asking questions. Once you think you've got the message, ask if you've got it right. Tune in to see whether the response is yes or no.

  4. Acknowledge Why You Might Not Immediately Understand a Message
    It seems straightforward: We open ourselves up to receive a message, we received it, and we understand it. But the truth is that the process isn't always so linear, and this can be quite frustrating. It can be very helpful to accept up front that delay in understanding is just a natural part of the learning process. Messages might come slowly and need to be processed over time before you fully understand. Then one day, Click. You suddenly grasp what was inexplicably out of reach before.

    There are various reasons that delay like this might occur:
    • You might be learning the meaning of a new symbol that you haven't received before, and it may take a bit before you grasp its meaning.
    • You might need additional information in order to understand.
    • The meaning might not be for you to know. I once had this occur when I was receiving a message for someone about her pregnancy, but at the time she wasn't sharing with anyone that she was pregnant. I didn't understand the details I was getting, but she immediately understood the meaning of the message. While she shared with me about it later, at the time it wasn't for me to know.
    • You might unintentionally be resisting. Grief and fear can present self-protection hurdles that can be difficult to surpass in the moment. For example, the connection might be too painful after the loss of a loved one, or you might be conflicted if you feel bound by past or present religious or societal beliefs. Working through your fear and allowing yourself time to heal from loss can help to resolve these types of resistance.

  5. Take Time to Download Your Intuitive Voicemails
    As you've become more aware of your intuitive abilities, you may have more consciously noticed them spilling into your everyday life. Sometimes this can be shocking! In one such instance I was in a checkout line when I heard a full sentence from the cashier right before she spoke it out loud. Practicing the following meditation can help to avoid overflow of intuitive energy and unwanted psychic breakthroughs like this. In this simple practice you will intentionally download your intuitive voicemails.

    Close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax. Tune in and ask your intuition to reveal any messages it's holding for you. Allow the details to naturally rise into your awareness. Make a mental note of the information that's coming to you.

    After you receive your messages, you can end the meditation. Like taking a phone message, jot down the key details. To end, write down the statement, "I will only intuitively receive information that is my highest good."

    Practicing this meditation daily or weekly for just 5-10 minutes can help to train your intuition to surface only at appropriate times.

There are so many ways our psychic skills can be put to use. One of my favorites has been to connect with loved ones who have passed on. Maybe you're looking for inspirations, insights, and nudges to help you in your day-to-day life. Or perhaps you're looking for increased connection and sense of unity with others or to Spirit. No matter the reason you've been drawn to develop your subtle skills, I hope these tips help to ignite your magical abilities!

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