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Moon-to-Moon Manifestation

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It is my belief that magic is not some historical relic that can be harnessed into a "one size fits all" practice. Magic is a living essence. Birthed in the unknown antiquity of the universe, magic reflects change and evolution. While maintaining its birthright, magic adapts to the nuances of mundane time, place, person, and purpose. Moon-to-Moon manifestation explores the adaptive nuances in lunar energy magic to create change in our mundane lives.

Moon-to-Moon manifestation develops and magnetizes your inner power of outer attraction. Encompassing one full lunar cycle, this adaptive process shines light on your desired change or intent, magnetizes you inner beacon of attraction, and carries the energy of manifestation to the universe for growth and fruition.

Since the practitioner using Moon-to-Moon manifestation will have goals and desires that are of personal significance, the use of tools and the formality of magic is adaptive to meet those personal needs.

The tools that are listed in this writing are: candles related to attraction and banishment; dried herbs associated with clear sight, attraction, healing, and your personal intent; charcoal blocks; a fireproof container; a mirror; a small envelope; papers; and a pen. As the most important (and perhaps the only truly necessary) tool in magic is the focused belief and desire of your own mind, your choice of tools should ultimately be those that speak to those beliefs and desires of your intuitive mind.

I have intentionally omitted the formal and specific casting of circles, calling of the elements, elementals, and divine invocations. This omission is not intended to disregard these actions, but is intended to allow the practitioner the choice of adapting the process of formality to meet the individual needs, beliefs, and practices.

The manifestation process begins at any full moon depending your choice of lunar monthly energies and astrological correspondences. The full moon shows her face to reflect the rays of the sun. This interplay of solar and lunar energy compliments the definition of our intent, the clear vision of our intent, and the clear vision of ourselves in relation to our intent.

Angle your mirror to reflect your face. Between you and your mirror, light your attraction candle and smolder herbs associated with clear sight. Place the small envelope, your pen, and three pieces of paper within easy reach. <

The envelope serves as the visual, tangible representational "poppet" of intent. The papers are used for writing lists. Not only will the lists provide a tangible focus, but also the mundane action of writing initiates the "as above, so below" connection of magical manifestation.

The universe operates in duality. It is the duality of both light and dark, of positive and negative, that creates the "whole." Visualizing your goals or intents with the clarity of universal duality allows you the clarity of sight in the outcome that you seek.

Focus into the flame of the candle. State these or similar words: "The universe of duality reveal to me the light and the dark of the goal that I see." Visualize the actuality of your goal or intent unfolding in front of you. From an observer's point of view, see both the positive and the negative aspects of your intent. As you visualize these aspects, you acquire the knowledge of the "whole," which you can choose to either accept or amend.

Shift your gaze to your envelope, speak your goal or intent clearly. Clearly write your goal or intent on your envelope. Decorate your envelope with symbols and colors that reflect its energy. State these or similar words, "With universal duality I clearly see this goal I manifest. So mote it be."

In unison with the clarity of our intent is the clarity of duality that is within ourselves. We have wonderful talents and gifts, both innate and learned. We have talents and gifts that are in their infancy, awaiting nurturing and growth. And we have tendencies toward thoughts and actions that may sabotage our efforts to attain our goals.

Gaze past the candle and through the smoke of the herbs. Gaze into the mirror, deep into your eyes. State these or similar words: "Grand duality open my sight to the duality of me in dark and in light."

Visualize yourself working toward your goal. Focus on the strengths that are propelling you forward. Focus on the infant strengths and how you will nurture them. Focus on any actions that may hinder your progress. Write your strengths, your infant gifts, and your hindering actions on the papers.

With this clear definition of intent and how current magnetic qualities can affect this intent, place the written papers into the envelope and keep in a safe place.

We are the magnetic core energy of our personal universe. We have the power to attract or deflect the situations, events, and people that revolve around our personal universe. The disseminating moon wanes, veiling her face inward. We will turn inward to our magnetic core. We will begin the process of magnetizing our core by unveiling the voices (thoughts) that precipitate our actions.

Light your attraction and your banishing candles. Smolder the herbs for clear sight. Remove the list of strengths and the list of hindering actions from the envelope. Cut both lists into strips with each strip bearing one strength or action. Place two pieces of paper, a pen, and the fireproof container within easy reach.

Focus on the strips of strengths. Hold one strip at a time in front of the attraction candle. Listen for the voice of Higher Self that propels us forward, that nurtures us, that leads us down our paths. State these or similar words: "I thank you for these gifts divine, they are a part of me, I let them shine." Write the strengths and the voices of Higher Self on one piece of paper. Ignite the strip in the candle flame, visualize these strengths magnetizing your core, and drop the strip into the fireproof container.

Focus on the strips of hindering actions. Hold one strip at a time in front of the banishing candle. Listen for the voices of unhealed wounds or outmoded ideas that prompt self-sabotaging actions. Write out the voice and feelings to the voices on the separate paper. State these or similar words: "The voices I honor, for they will be; I banish the actions that hinder me." Ignite the strip in the flame of the candle and allow to safely burn in the fireproof container.

Place your strengths, your Higher Self voices, and your voices and feelings of hindering actions back into the envelope.

The last quarter brings the energy of healing that we can direct to those voices of wounds and outmoded thought.

Light the attraction and the banishing candles and smolder healing herbs. Place paper, a pen, a fireproof container, and the list of hindering voices within reach.

Cut the hindering voice list into strips with each strip bearing a voice. Focus on each voice. Focus on a situation when this voice prompted an unfortunate decision or a hindering action. Focus on the feelings underlying this voice. Focus on the origin of this voice and what it is saying. Focus on what has been learned from this voice. Present each voice to the attraction candle. State these or similar words: "These voices once hidden in the dark are delivered to sight. I give these voices to my Higher Self for healing light."

Meditate. Listen for the healing words of the Higher Self. Write down the voice and a positive affirmation that reprograms these voices on the paper. Ignite the hindering voice strip in the attraction candle and allow it to safely burn in the fireproof container.

Healing is a process. We can "self" heal some wounds. Some wounds need the additional care of others. Some wounds never completely heal. With this process, we can learn to recognize the voices of wounds that prompt hindering decisions and actions. With this recognition, we can honor the voice as a part of our "whole," but we don't have to blindly listen to this voice's direction.

Place the reprogrammed voices back into your envelope.

During the dark moon, we will complete the charging of our inner magnetism by focusing our intent through the energy vortices (chakras) of our subtle bodies.

In honor of the dark moon and the inner self, work in complete darkness or in a very subdued light. Have a pen and paper within reach. Visualize the intent, creating a mind movie in the present tense. State these or similar words: "I stand at the crossroads of what was, what is, and what is to be. I hear the voice of Higher Self speak. I welcome (state goal or intent) that I attract to me."

Focus this intent through the chakra centers. Focus on the root's entitlement to have. Focus on the belly's entitlement to pleasure and adaptability. Focus on the solar plexus' entitlement of manifest. Focus on the heart's entitlement to fulfilled emotions. Focus on the throat's entitlement to speak the desires of the soul. Focus on the third eye's entitlement to vision.

Acknowledge the voices and the feelings as each chakra center is passed. As each chakra center is passed, state: "I expect the best and will accept nothing less." This affirmation acts to magnetize you while allowing you to remain open to any "better plans" that the universe may see. Release the energy to Higher Self chakra. Listen to the words of the Higher Self. Write out the messages of Higher Self and place in the envelope.

You have now made yourself into a magnetic beacon. With the New moon energy, begin the process of manifesting your intent. Review your list of current skills and your skills in their infancy. Light the attraction candle. Smolder herbs associated with growth or intent.

Focus on your current skills, infant skills and your intent or goal. State these or similar words: "Cycle of light in growth and gain, light my path before me." Visualize a "path" that is bathed in silvery light. Within this light, visualize your use of current skills, your nourishment of infant skills, and your attainment of the goal. Feel the energy build as the visual is lived. Wrap this vision in the light and direct it to the universe. Affirm this vision with "as I will, so mote it be."

The energy that was created during the New moon is now building your path with the energy of the Crescent Moon. Make use of this building energy by creating a written plan of action that uses current skills, cultivates infant skills and leads to the fruition of intent.

Light your attraction candle. Focus on the actions that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Write a plan of action that incorporates your skills, nourishes your infant skills and charts your progress to the attainment of your goal's intent. Visualize this time line. Feel the energy build around the visual. State these or similar words: "Energy above, action below, my future I manifest, I reap the abundance that I sow." Release the energy.

Either place your written plan into your envelope or keep it safely in plain sight.

The energy that you released continues to build during the Waxing moon. This is the time to evaluate your magnetic core to the energy that you have released.

Light your attraction candle and smolder the herbs of intent. Visualize your goal and your attainment of your goal in the present tense. As with the Dark moon, direct your goal through your chakra centers.

Direct your envisioned intent to your root and your ability to "accept the best;" your belly and the changes that you have created in attainment of your goal; your solar plexus and your actions that create reality from idea; your heart and your emotional response to your goal; your throat and your ability to speak the "I am" of your goal; the third eye and your clarity of vision. Feel the living energy of magic flow through you.

Release your vision to the Higher Self crown. Meditate on the messages of affirmation from the Higher Self.

The Gibbous moon is the energy of patience while the universe adjusts to the energy flow that you have initiated. Evaluate the progress that you have made, both in your magnetic core and in the physical actions that you have taken. Make any adjustments that you feel necessary in your actions or in your goal.

Once again, the Full moon rises. Your intent has been defined. Your inner core is magnetized. The magical stage has been set. Now is the time to tie all of these "ends" together with the release of your energy-laden poppet.

Some theories of magical practice suggest that you release the poppet through burning to fully release the magic. While this is effective, there are also many magically adaptive paths to a goal. I have utilized the burning method with this process. However, if your circumstances or your intuitive mind leads you to either burn a symbolic representation of the goal poppet, bury the goal poppet, or safely store the goal poppet, please feel free to adapt the magic to fit your needs.

Light your attraction candle. Position your fireproof container safely in reach. Sprinkle the envelope with herbs of intent or goal Hold your hands over the envelope, creating an energy circuit from you to poppet to flame. Visualize your intent in the candle flame. Ignite the goal poppet, stating these or similar words: "Carry to the universe on wings of fire, bring back to me all that I desire." Let it burn in the fireproof container.

Continue to focus your vision on the flame of the candle or the smoke of released poppet. Chant these or similar words: "Magic divine, this (intent) is mine." Repeat this until the energy reaches it's climax and release.

In completion of this intense lunar cycle, you have only one task left to perform. You have to "dare." Dare to shine your magnetic beacon. Dare to step on to the path that you have created. Dare to have the abundance that is your birthright. And dare to believe in the living essence of your magic.

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