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The Noble Art

From Shadow to Essence Through the Wheel of the Year

An Alchemical Journey to Harmony and Healing

The Noble Art provides spiritual, psychological, and energetic tools for reclaiming your essence through the stages and seasons of life. Each spoke of the Wheel of the Year represents an opportunity for transformation. Tiffany Lazic provides meditations, inner workings, and rituals that invite you to drop into the landscape of your unconscious and restore your light. Explore how Hermetic principles can be utilized to reflect your highest potential. Engage in powerful rituals for planting seeds of intention and overcoming shame and emotional blocks. This book also offers recommendations for stones, chakras, and affirmations that deepen your healing work and further support the transmutation of shadow into light.

The Noble Art provides a hands-on approach to build your foundation in Hynni Energy Healing, which Lazic introduced in her previous book, The Great Work. Hynni actively weaves Earth cycles into relationship with higher vibrational energies, providing an effective tool for healing blocked energy and pain as you make your soul whole again.

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"A well-crafted, powerful combination of ritual, energy work, meditative journeying, and deep psychological insight. Lazic guides the seeker through a multilayered path of nature's cycles with practical and spiritual techniques for real transformation and growth. This book is a must-have."—Michael Furie, author of The Witch's Book of Potions

"A remarkable collection of rituals, exercises, and techniques to use the power of the eight holidays as an integrative framework for the Great Work. This is not a book that you simply read, it is one that you think about and work through to become more fully and truly yourself."—Ivo Dominguez Jr, author of Four Elements of the Wise

"Combining elements of psychology, alchemy, druidic principles, and good common sense, The Noble Art is a profound guide to and through our challenges and joys...Altogether, The Noble Art is a master stroke from a masterful teacher. Highly recommended."—Jenya T. Beachy, author of The Secret Country of Yourself

"A complex and comprehensive guide, map, and compass for the inner and outer journey through the great seasonal rounds of our lives. Tiffany Lazic offers a wealth of history, lore, meditation, and ritual tools accessible to all readers and of great benefit to practitioners working with clients. Best of all, as I read, I felt the presence of the author as a compassionate witness who knows her terrain intimately and understands the courage it takes to face and embrace our whole selves."—Elizabeth Cunningham, author of The Maeve Chronicles

"Lazic has crafted a psychospiritual masterpiece of personal practice in The Noble Art...Well-organized and richly detailed, The Noble Art provides the seeker with abundant tools to catalyze self-transformation, including prompts for reflection, meditative practices, guided journeys, and ritual experiences."—Jhenah Telyndru, MA, author of Avalon Within and The Mythic Moons of Avalon

"An exceptional book, written with a great depth of passion and drawn from years of experience...Delivered with a joy in her subject which is felt on every page, this powerful work is not only nourishment for the spirit but a joy to read as well."—Danu Forest, Celtic scholar, magical teacher and traditional wisewoman, author of Wild Magic and Celtic Tree Magic

"Backed by years of practice and decorated with pearls of infinite wisdom, Lazic's latest offering is a profoundly transformational journey into the self that is simultaneously challenging, magical, and cathartic all at the same time...Lazic's precise attention to detail and her solicitous guidance lead one through a tome that is literally life-changing. After reading this book and employing its exercises, a brighter and wiser 'you' will rise, noble and transformed."—Kristoffer Hughes, head of the Anglesey Druid Order, author of Cerridwen: Celtic Goddess of Inspiration

"Lazic has deftly woven the threads of transpersonal psychology with experiential practices, exercises, and rituals to create a truly unique psychospiritual healing journey that is rooted in the cycles of the Wheel of the Year. At once empowering, cathartic and illuminating, The Noble Art is an indispensable and comforting guide on the path to greater self understanding. As a registered counselor, I enthusiastically recommend this book to both practitioners and clients alike."—Danielle Blackwood, author of A Lantern in the Dark

"A readable, hands-on manual and guidebook for living a satisfying, rich, and joyful life...It is an essential and valuable resource for anyone seriously interested in exploring and facing the challenge of shadow work."—Dodie Graham McKay, author of Earth Magic

ISBN-13: 9780738764931
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: October 2021
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 416 pages
Size: 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 16

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