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The Ninefold Way of Avalon

Walking the Path of the Priestess

Follow the Mythic Map into Modern Practice

The path of the Avalonian priestess is as unique as those who walk it; learn how to apply the nine energies of this path in service to the Goddess, the community, and the self in pursuit of inner wholeness and connection to Avalon within.

Jhenah Telyndru explores Avalon's legacy through history and lore: examining Arthurian legends; myths from Wales, Brittany, and Ireland; and the accounts of Celtic priestesses recorded by Roman historians.

Presented in two parts, this book first delves into the rich historical and cultural information that forms the Avalonian Stream of Tradition, especially the Ninefold Sisterhoods found in Celtic lands and beyond. Then, you will be introduced to nine modern priestess pathways inspired by ancient ways: Lorekeeper, Lawspeaker, Emissary, Artisan, Hearthtender, Guardian, Seer, Healer, and Ritualist.

You'll use specialized workings to connect with Avalon's energetic currents, reclaim your sovereignty, learn to be in priestess service as a bridge between the worlds, and find your way home to Avalon within.

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"This book is a deepening of the previous works, Avalon Within and The Mythic Moons of Avalon, for those who feel called to dedicate themselves to a particular path embedded within Avalonian tradition and lore...The scholarship, the dedication, and the love that brought this book out into the world by Jhenah Telyndru is second to none."—Joanna van der Hoeven, author of The Book of Hedge Druidry and The Path of the Hedge Witch

"Jhenah Telyndru embodies the true work of the priestess as she reveals what must be shared, veils what must be sought through mystery, and creates new magickal models with deep roots. In The Ninefold Way of Avalon, she weaves threads of poetry, academia, and magickal service, revealing hidden gems of history and lore while sharing treasures only found from direct practice to create a ninefold vision of magickal training and community."—Christopher Penczak, co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft Tradition and author of The Inner Temple of Witchcraft

"An intriguing and enlightening look at the often-confusing subject of Avalon, exploring nearly a millennia of myths, stories, and beliefs that surround the mysterious Isle of Apples and weaving a modern living practice from the evidence of the past. The book offers not only some clarity on the wider subject but guidance for those who want to actively engage with this place and all that it represents, making it an invaluable resource."—Morgan Daimler, author of Irish Paganism

"Jhenah presents us with her rich and deeply soulful personal gnosis as well as her exquisite scholarship to uncover the path of sacred Celtic feminine power for a new generation. As a native of Glastonbury Avalon, a fellow Celticist, and a sister priestess, I highly recommend her work as essential reading to all who seek the path of the priestess as well as those who would take a deeper look at the Celtic traditions and their ancient sources."—Danu Forest, MA (Celtic Studies), traditional seer and wisewoman, Celtic scholar, and author of Wild Magic

"In this fantastic and accessible work, Telyndru slowly peels away the shroud of mystery surrounding the mystical shores of Avalon...I cannot imagine a better resource for those wishing to immerse themselves in the waters of Avalon."—Mhara Starling, author of Welsh Witchcraft

"The most comprehensive guide to 'The Matter of Avalon' that I have encountered in the more than two decades that I've walked my own Avalonian path. This book deftly weaves an interdisciplinary compendium of history, folklore, legend, and cultural exploration with sacred service and embodied spiritual practice."—Danielle Blackwood, author of A Lantern in the Dark

"A rich tapestry of history, fine scholarship, and the weaving of folklore, story, archaeology, and vision...The practical guidance that Telyndru offers in the final chapters is a masterpiece of devotional practice, and one feels safe in her capable and experienced hands to embark on adventure. This book is a journey in the true sense of the term, for the destination is deep transformation that only occurs when we part the mists between worlds and dare to step through."—Kristoffer Hughes, Head of the Anglesey Druid Order and author of Cerridwen

"Telyndru's great gift as a writer is the ability to draw the essential materials of theology out of fragmented or contested sources with the sharp eye of a professional researcher and scholar and turn them into something both practical and beautiful that anyone can enjoy...The underlying insight here is that 'priestess is a verb' - an activity, more than a title or a role."—Prof. Brendan Myers, author of The Mysteries of Druidry

ISBN-13: 9780738764962
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: June 2023
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 504 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 24

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