Path of the Moonlit Hedge

Discovering the Magick of Animistic Witchcraft

Explore an exciting approach to witchcraft that focuses on creating a deeper relationship with the natural world. Nathan M. Hall teaches you an animist worldview that recognizes the life in all things. You will build your skills with journeying and trance work, while embracing the earth and supporting the needs of your wild soul.

The Path of the Moonlit Hedge helps you connect with natural energies and patterns, allowing you to meet and partner with the spirits of plants, animals, and the land. Nathan provides dozens of exercises and meditations to grow your practice and show you how to cross the hedge (enter the world of spirit) to participate in the Witches' Sabbat. By adopting this magickal viewpoint, you can create balance within yourself and empower your work as a witch.

Includes a foreword by Christopher Penczak, bestselling author of the Temple of Witchcraft series

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"Nathan's work offers practical, lifeway-building rituals, mediations, and tools to inspire and guide those interested in reclaiming the universal mantle of animist into their spiritual life...He beautifully brings us back to center to ponder the magic of the simple flame engulfing the candle wick and springing to life, mirroring, as above, so below, the universe and all their awe-inspiring mystery. He also does not skip over important issues such as systemic racism and the challenges faced by queer and trans people while walking this way. A wonderful work."—Rebecca Beyer, author of Wild Witchcraft

"Combining folklore, personal experience, several rabbit holes' worth of research, and a dash of popular culture, The Path of the Moonlit Hedge is unlike any other hedgewitchery book I've seen. The author uses narratives from their own life, from history, from fable and parable, and so the work of hedgecraft feels like spending time poking at a bramble thicket border with someone who knows what they're looking for...This is a book I'll be turning to more than once for inspiration when working with hedgelore and practice."—Cory Thomas Hutcheson, author of New World Witchery

"An illuminating exploration into the world of animism and witchcraft. Not only does it provide an incredibly in-depth and thoughtful exploration of animism in a witchcraft context, but it also provides unique and insightful perspectives on the subject...This book is sure to expand your tool kit of connection through its many wonderful exercises and give you a better understanding of the power of animism."—Mat Auryn, bestselling author of Psychic Witch

"The Path of the Moonlit Hedge follows Nathan's journey of healing and transformation to become enmeshed with the life of nature and the calling of his soul. The insights, techniques, and rituals he shares are the summation of his experience and are new and meant for this new era. At the same time, the blood of the ancients informs this book, and the timeless hands of many spirits have touched this work. If you are looking to refresh your connection to the primal powers or begin the work for the first time, The Path of the Moonlit Hedge will serve you well."—Ivo Dominguez Jr., author of Four Elements of the Wise

"An important guide for self-care and personal development...This book, geared for the newcomer and long-term practitioner alike, will help you to create daily practices that are rooted in the power and stability of the natural world...This book also provides meditations and spells that can be combined with each other to improve your commitment to your craft and to the spirits you work with, as well as develop working relationships with many Nature beings."—Rev. Wendy Van Allen, author of Relighting the Cauldron

"A book for anyone and everyone who is interested in animism, witchcraft, and the intersection and relationships between them. Nathan writes in language that is easy to understand and beautiful all at the same time. He makes light work of explaining a range of terms in a meaningful way that adds depth and meaning, and with accompanying exercises, leads to real understanding. A beautifully written book with pure magic in its pages!"—Emma Kathryn, author of Witch Life

"Nathan Hall's Path of the Moonlit Hedge is personal, practical, and downright powerful. Nathan is a spirited storyteller who guides the reader on a path of partnering with the natural world to build resilience, heal the soul, and ignite one's inner magic. The exercises evoke the tranquility of Zen and the ecstasy of the shaman—all while helping you build a better world inside and out."—Nicholas Pearson, author of Crystal Basics and Flower Essences from the Witch's Garden

ISBN-13: 9780738772738
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: May 2023
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 224 pages
Size: 6 x 9 IN
Case Quantity: 32

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