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An Interview with Stephanie Clement

1. There are many directions in astrology. When discussing the effects of astrological influences on current events, what is your background and expertise?

I have a liberal arts education, a degree in library and information science, and a Ph.D. in Psychology. I began studying astrology in 1972, and began a professional practice in the late 1970s. I have researched the charts of twins and multiple births, and I have written extensively on issues of astrology and psychology.

2. In discussing the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, it would seem that the horoscope for New York City as well as then-current transits would be important. But how did you determine the natal location and time for Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda group? If that wasn't necessary, what astrological techniques did you use to better understand what happened?

For Manhattan, the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, Capitol, and White House, we have very precise times for incorporation and groundbreaking. We also have reliable information for many of the key players on the current political scene. In some cases birth information is not as reliable. Osama bin Laden, for example was born in 1957, but the exact date and time are not known for certain. In such a case astrologers use the most reliable data they can find and then test the birth chart to see if it matches up with events in the individual's life. Because President Bush is the leader of the US, it is worthwhile to look at his chart in the current crisis. In the same way, because Osama bin Laden is the presumed leader of the terrorist organization that struck the US on September 11, his chart can be used to measure the activities of his organization.

3. Without knowing that the events would transpire in New York city, what were the astrological indicators that something major was going to happen at that time and date? Where there any indicators that it would happen in New York?

There are a number of methods used to forecast financial, social, and even weather trends. In our new book, Civilization Under Attack, Robert Hand talks about astro-maps. These are maps that provide information based on the chart for the time the Sun moved into the sign of Cancer. This kind of chart is called an Ingress Chart. Ingress Charts are done for the solstices and equinoxes each year. By examining the astro-map for June, 2001, Rob and other astrologers were able to accurately forecast major difficulties for this fall. Articles in The Mountain Astrologer magazine documented these forecasts. Other astrologers used the same Ingress Charts, without using maps, and came to similar conclusions.

4. Were there any astrological indicators which could have been seen indicating that an attack would come? If so, why didn't any astrologers warn of this? Or did some astrologers try to alert people of the potential dangers of this date?

Lynne Palmer, in her annual almanac, specified the dates of September 11 to 13, 2001, as a time to watch for terrorist activity. It is unknown whether government officials read this sort of almanac, although I seriously doubt that they do.

5. Astrologically, what is the fallout of this event over the next six months? Year? Five years?

We are entering a period of change. Economies will change as we move into global networking. Intelligence activities have to keep pace with the latest technology, and technology has to keep pace with new economic demands. Civilization Under Attack details the kinds of products and services that are emerging at this time, and the authors speculate about future economic developments. I personally believe we have to change the foundation upon which we base our foreign policy. We must consider the individual people instead of focusing only on nations and their leaders. I feel that the humanitarian activities can become a pivotal area for this kind of change, and nations will need to participate fully in these kinds of actions.

6. What percentage of professional astrologers are interested in being able to predict world events? Do you think more should take an interest? Why?

This is a tough question. Most serious astrologers do some amount of predictive work with family members, clients, and businesses. A smaller group is interested in mundane astrology — the study of events on the broader social and political scale. Astrology is emerging as the only art/science that can accurately forecast future events. I suppose the one exception to this is true prophets. I don't know if there are any of those around just now, however.

Anyway, given the demand by individuals for more and more information about world affairs, I do think that astrologers will set their sights on social and political subjects.

7. There are a few debunkers who claim that astrology is invalid for reasons such as: the energy associated with astrology doesn't exist, it is illogical, etc. How do you respond to them?

I personally don't spend a lot of time on this issue. When I do, I respond that the stars do not compel us to do anything. Rather, they reflect our lives more effectively than any other known medium. The birth chart is a reflection of the point in time when you were born, and the planetary movements forward from that time reflect the current of energies that carry you forward through your life. My personal belief system includes a larger Mind that is capable of providing this wonderful mirror we call astrology.

8. Could you please elaborate on your notion of "Mind?"

I am referring here to what I call Universal Mind. It is my belief that a Universal Mind lies behind all existence. We can call this God or Goddess. I also believe that the quality of basic goodness pre-existed the universe, exists now, and will continue to exist. Human beings express that basic goodness by showing compassion for all living things. Some people might use the word "love" instead of "compassion." Because all things exist together in Universal Mind, it is no surprise to me that the planets reflect our lives in the form of astrology, and that astrology provides a map for how to pursue our creative potential.

Okay, that sounds very intellectual, even "stuffy." I actually have a rather comfortable relationship to Mind. I have conversations — at least I talk. I feel I receive pretty definite information in return. Because I exist in Mind, and am not separate from it, I can be pretty chummy.

The most important fact, for me, is that all things exist in Unity. We are not separate from each other or from God.

9. There are many levels of expertise in astrology. Some people learn just enough to understand their own charts. Others learn enough to interpret the charts of others. Of the latter, some have made their astrological avocation into a vocation. Do you think the ability to predict future world events can become a vocation?

Astrologers are already making good livings by forecasting trends on the Stock Market and in other venues. So yes, I do think that skilled forecaster/astrologers can make a living at their profession.

10. Does Civilization Under Attack help astrologers predict world events? Can you give an example of how to use it for that purpose?

Civilization Under Attack contains three basic components:

  • It reviews the history behind the US and other nations, behind terrorism, and behind religious and other considerations.
  • It reviews the news about the September 11 attacks and relates that news to astrological charts for the buildings, the nations, and individual people who appear to be significant at this time.
  • It forecasts future trends based on astrology, historical facts, and current knowledge.
The reader of this book will be able to gather information together logically and consider how astrology reflects events and personalities. Based on the forecasts of the book's authors, a reader will also have useful guidance when considering future planning.

11. Who are the other authors of Civilization Under Attack? Why they were chosen to contribute to the book?

The other authors are Bernie Ashman, David Crook, Jonathan Keyes, Georgia Stathis, Robert Hand, and Kris Riske. They were invited to contribute to the book because of their known expertise in various areas of astrology. They also have a broad range of educational and vocational backgrounds.

12. Other than astrologers, who else would find this book of interest and why?

We hope the book will be of value to people who are seeking ways to understand these terrible events. This is not a spiritual guidebook to understanding, but it is a source of solid information and considered opinions about future developments. Among the chapters the reader will find our efforts to make sense of these tragic events, and to find ways to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

13. As a result of your study of astrology, what major events do you think will be occurring over the next year?

I feel we are in for a tough time in some ways. Retaliation has begun, and the US has sworn to root out terrorists so similar events cannot happen again. At the same time, I see a groundswell of desire to solve the disease, and not just treat the symptom.

With global information systems, I feel we are poised to solve some of the age-old problems that have caused political unrest around the world. If we work together as one people we have the knowledge to resolve problems like hunger and disease.

14. There is already an urban myth circulating around the Internet concerning the next dates for terror attacks on the US. Being a myth, of course, it is false. But according to astrology, are there any specific dates or periods over the next year during which time you think people should be extra careful?

The book is filled with dates when we can expect retaliation, fluctuations in the financial markets, etc. Many forecasts are more in terms of trends over periods of time.

15. Is there anything else you would like to add?

The authors of this book joined me in writing about tragic events at a time when the wounds were deep and fresh. We hope our efforts will spur others to think deeply and act carefully. Astrology draws upon ancient wisdom in order to make use of what we know now to effect changes in the future.

About Stephanie Clement

A professional astrologer for over twenty-five years, Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D., was a board member of the American Federation of Astrologers and a faculty member of Kepler College and NORWAC. Her Ph.D. in Transpersonal ...

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