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Valentine's Day Gifts by Sun Sign

Astrology and Relationships

It's every lover's dream that the romance of Valentine's Day will last forever. Of course, reading your lover's valentine by the light of a candle while receiving soft kisses on the nape of your neck, helps to creates the illusion of forever. But to make that magic actually happen, you have to weave some magic of your own.

In my book Love After Sex I speak to those of you who have already been joyfully seduced, and are ready to embark on your next heart-stopping adventure: living together. Whether you're only imagining waking up to the love of your life on a daily basis, or if you're already a veteran of a committed relationship, this Valentine's Day, don't simply give a gift from just a heart-shaped box, that's too easy. Instead do a little shopping around in your own heart and see just how full of love it is. You see, each sign in the zodiac has specific emotional needs that you just won't find in a Neiman Marcus catalog. So, if you have a rich supply of love and commitment, then give your lover a gift that really will keep on giving.

You're going to need a gift box for Aries big enough to contain a lot of excitement. Spontaneity makes this lover feel alive and desired. So when you feel the wild urge to make love, thrill your partner by breaking those same old patterns. Why wait to make love at the same old time, in the same old position in the same old bed? Isn't it time you made love without David Letterman leering from the television set? Do it now! Where? Use your imagination. It's a Valentine's Day gift that your Aries will ask for year after year.

When you give with your heart to Taurus, make it sensual. If you think that only going out to an expensive restaurant is romantic, think again. Taureans also love their home and if you play chef, he or she will be even happier to stay there. Remember, you chose a very tactile, touchy-feely lover, so how about turning on his or her senses by throwing a fake mink fur throw over that ho-hum quilt? Or satin sheets? Indulge in warm oils and I promise the magic should last until Easter!

The best gift to Gemini comes in an exciting variety pack. Your lover's boredom threshold is about two feet off the ground, and he or she loves to be stimulated. Yes, of course that way, but also Gemini loves to be stimulated in an intellectual way as well. Talk, tease and tantalize with thinking. Does playing with your lover's mind mean playing mind games? No! It simply means stimulating Gemini's mind before you stimulate anything else. A fact of love from Olivia: the mind is the most erogenous zone of all.

Make sure that your gift to the Moon Child is securely wrapped. Yes, your Cancer lover craves a sense of security and it's something that all the money in the world can't buy. When you make this lover feel secure with expressions of total unconditional love, it keeps them from becoming too clinging (you know, when they get really needy and threaten to cut off your oxygen supply! ) So give the Valentine's Day gift that a Moon Child really needs: kissing and cuddling and vows of love that come straight from the heart.

Whatever the gift for Leo, wrap it in layers of esteem. Although your lover acts like the most confident human being on earth, remember that a great act needs a great audience. Leo want to feel a sense of importance and he or she looks for that validation from you. If you want to see magic happen before your eyes, stroke your lover's ego in a totally shameless way and presto! Leo turns into the ideal lover: romantic, entertaining and generous, creative, dynamic, playful. . .and you can fill in your own adjectives later.

The perfect gift for Virgo permits your lover to enjoy healing. Virgo is often analytical to a fault, but they only poke around looking for problems simply to be able to fix them! So offer your lover the story an old wound that has not quite healed (remember that broken heart?) Or ask for advice about a broken promise (you did go off that diet again, right?) Whatever the problem, Virgo's love medicine is guaranteed to heal. Remember in a love affair with Virgo, who needs to be needed, it would only be a mistake not to make any!

Get a designer gift box for Libra and fill it to the top with harmony. This sign needs a sense of harmony in their lives, and they find it in the beauty of art and nature. However, they also need harmony in their relationships. In order to achieve this, Libra is artful in being cooperative and willing to compromise. For these magnificent traits, he or she deserves a Valentine's day's trip to remember. Just enclose the two of your in a magical bubble filled with beauty, harmony and love . . .lift off and leave the world behind.

There's no better gift for Scorpio than one of passion. Not that Scorpio needs any more passion, but he or she needs to release it, to share it and merge with their beloved. If you can explore the depths of intimacy with your lover and give him or her a gift of passionate release, then you have a union that can transcend reality. Of course, in order to achieve this intensity you need complete trust and that takes time. If this is your first Valentine's Day together, be patient. Just think what you have to look forward to!

A gift from your heart to Sagittarius is one of faith. You see, your lover is a spiritual seeker and the journey is always more exciting than the destination. Of course, he or she fantasizes about making love to you in a base camp at the bottom of the Himalayas, but their journey may also turn inward and then your Sag will be on a life long adventure of the spirit: exploring religions, philosophies, and the fascination of life itself. All Sag needs is your optimism to keep them company, and your faith in their vision to keep love alive.

Since you can never give Capricorn the gift of perfection they want (it's like shopping for the impossible dream!), you can still give them loving encouragement as they seek the perfect career, perfect success and perfect status. Remember, your Capricorn is with you because you're his or her idea of perfection, too. So it's important to keep yourself the sexy and smart creature Capricorn fell in love with in the first place. Keep your waistline slim and your intellect expanding. How do you accomplish that? Perfectly, of course.

Your Aquarius lover needs psychic freedom like other humans need air. This sign is innovative, radical, thrives on change, and loves to experiment. As I said in Love After Sex, when an Aquarius lover asks if you're in the mood to try something different, be assured that it won't be Wasabi sour cream sauce. Well, on second thought, it might be—but it won't be on your swordfish! The gift of freedom that you bring to your relationship is simply letting your lover be the person he or she is. It's the one gift that is truly priceless.

Once you give Pisces the Mystical love they want, they will treasure it for the rare gift that it is. Your lover is a true romantic, who can transport you to mystical realms where love is truly bliss. Pisces really have the creativity and imagination to bring into reality what they dream. But when it's the other way around—and reality threatens their dreams—what do you do? Urge them on with one of your hands holding theirs, and the other placed firmly and lovingly on the small of their back.

I hope you will enjoy reading Love After Sex as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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