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Mother's Day Gifts by Sun Sign

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With Mother's Day right around the corner, let's examine and celebrate the different personality types of moms everywhere based on their zodiac sign. If you still haven't thought of the perfect Mother's Day gift, I'll clue you in on some great ideas, too!

Aries: The Aries mom is bold, daring, and likes to be in charge. She's smart, sassy, and expects her kids to jump when she calls. She pushes her kids hard, and expects them to be competitive and the best at everything. She sets high standards for herself and expects nothing less of her family too. She loves to try new things, like the latest fashion fads. She's a bit bossy, but as long as you follow her orders, life is grand! The Aries mom is a "take charge" type of woman whose inner strength cannot be denied.
Gift ideas: personalized jewelry and clothing; the latest fads and fashions

Taurus: The Taurus mom is dependable and hard-working. She is one of the most domesticated of all signs and works hard to give her kids a solid home base. She can be quite stubborn and once she makes her mind up, cannot be pushed to change it. She’s down to earth, logical, and family-oriented. She has a lot of patience, but when she gets riled, watch out—this mom has quite a temper! She is money motivated and wants to make sure there's always "enough" cash in her checkbook and rainy day account. This woman can spot a bargain a mile away and knows how to squeeze a dollar out of a dime.
Gift ideas: gift certificates, dining out, jewelry, homemade goodies, gift baskets

Gemini: The Gemini mom ages in reverse. She's a kid at heart: fun loving, chatty, and social. She loves a good time and often goes out of her way to make sure her kids are involved in lots of fun activities. The Gemini mom will talk your ear off, and she'll love to go shopping with you. She wants to be your best friend. She'll try anything once and is not afraid to learn new things. The Gemini will often have a desire to return to school at some point in her life. Sometimes she can be a little moody, but overall, she's just plain fun!
Gift ideas: books, phone and gas cards, stationary and accessories, candy

Cancer: Moms born under the sign of Cancer are said to be the best at parenting. They can be overprotective however and a little bossy, but they are also nurturing, sentimental, emotional, and very loving. They would do anything for their children. They love being a mom. It comes natural for them and they are usually quite good at it. However, a Cancer mom doesn't forget a thing; she has memory like an elephant. She'll remember what you wore for your kindergarten graduation recital. She'll recall your blind date's last name, even though you've long forgot it. This mom tends to live a long life. She'll be around a long time, and you can count on her for anything.
Gift ideas: personal photos, sentimental homemade gifts, antiques, a day spent together

Leo: The Leo mom will dazzle you with her wonderful personality and charisma. She'll win you over with her generous heart, but she wants you to admire and respect her, and yes, sometimes even put her on a pedestal. After all, she is the queen of the zodiac and expects to be treated as such. She would never let her children go without anything they might need. She fusses over them and brags to others about how wonderful they are. She can be a hard worker, wanting to give her kids all that money can buy. She also loves to treat her children to special experiences and travels, and sometimes she is generous to a fault. If you give this mom one hundred percent, she'll top it by giving back one hundred fifty.
Gift ideas: anything 14k gold, pretty jewelry, colorful clothes, a trip to Las Vegas, or a day at a casino.

Virgo: Yes, the Virgo mom can be fussy and nitpicky and always tell you what to do. Wear your coat outside. Bundle up. Take your vitamins. She cares...a lot. She analyzes every little thing you do and probably sticks her nose in your business (although she would not admit it). She doesn't mean to meddle, but she loves you so much and wants your life to be perfect! Your date for the prom will never measure up to her standards. But who cares? She loves you, and that's her way of showing it: pushing you to be more, to reach the potential she sees in you. This mom does everything for everybody but seldom does she take time out for herself. She needs to be needed.
Gift ideas: a day at a spa, household gadgets to make her life easier, a nice watch.

Libra: If your mom is a Libra, she is probably funny, pretty, social, and charming. She like peace and harmony and hates to fight. But, if you push her too far, watch out! She can put up with a lot, but once she blows some steam, run for cover! She believes in love and romance. She's apt to be ladylike and nice to everyone, even the people she doesn't like much. She can be a little indecisive and hates to be alone. She'll probably want to live close to you when she grows old, so make sure you buy a comfy mother-in-law apartment.
Gift ideas: jewelry, perfume, shoes, purses

Scorpio: The Scorpio mom seems very stern and serious at times, but she is a softie at heart. She has very intense emotions but seldom does she let anyone see how see really feels. She has a poker face and acts as if she couldn't hurt a fly. But watch out, she's a control freak! This is the woman who does have eyes in the back of her head, who knows your every move even if you are miles away. She's a loyal, steadfast mom—someone you would want in your corner. She's determined and strong. She'll teach about using your inner strength and power. She'll always be a bit of a mystery to you.
Gift ideas: scented candles, astrology readings, exotic tea and coffee gift basket, movie tickets

Sagittarius: Sporty, free-spirited and fun...these words all describe the Sagittarius mom. She's likely got a positive personality and is a great conversationalist. She can be your best friend and your nurturing mama all rolled up into one pretty package. The Archer mom loves to travel and is always be on the "run" somewhere. She may not be the best housekeeper (I know mine wasn't), but everyone will always be welcome in her humble abode. This mom may also be one of your spiritual teachers as she pushes you to delve deep into the mysteries, philosophies, and meanings of life.
Gift ideas: books, concert tickets, stuff for her car, travel gift certificates, gym memberships

Capricorn: She can be stern, she can be strict, but the Capricorn mother is always reliable, dependable, and a pillar of strength for her children. She is not a mushy, emotional-type mama—she's more apt to be logical and strong-willed. You know where you stand with her. She wants the best for her children, and will often push them into higher education and motivate them to excel at work. She can be demanding, but the pressure she put on her kids is to lovingly help them find their place in the world and be able to compete in today's society. A strong family and old-fashioned values are important to this lady.
Gift ideas: designer or status-symbol items, practical gifts she can use around the home or office. Gift certificates to her favorite store.

Aquarius: This is a cool, funky, fun-loving mom. Some Aquarius moms can be a little eccentric; "unique" is a good word used to describe them. These mamas want to save the world! They want to somehow make the world a better place in which to live. They are friendly and outgoing and usually belong to a number of groups. Aquarius moms love to have company over. Friendships are important to them. These moms will allow you to have a bit more freedom that other moms and encourage your self expression. Nothing surprises them. They can be strong-willed, but there's never a dull moment.
Gift ideas: new gadgets and gizmos, anything to with computers or electronics, favorite CDs, donations to their favorite charity

Pisces: The Pisces mom can be sentimental and sensitive. This dreamy mom loves her children very much, but she worries about them very much, too. She's artistic and romantic, and she can cry at the drop of a hat. She loves getting lost in a good book or movie. However, the Pisces mom can be a little indecisive, and at times, a bit of a pushover. She feels guilty over the littlest of things. She loves to please people, but her kids usually come first in her book. She's very psychic too, and intuitively knows her children's needs and wants.
Gift ideas: romance novels, shoes (she loves shoes!), gourmet chocolates, satin pajamas

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