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Dr. Joe Slate and I have written a book entitled Psychic Empowerment for Everyone. Joe is a parapsychologist, a practicing psychologist, the author of sixteen books in three languages, a clinical hypnotist, founder of the International Parapsychology Research Foundation, and a retired professor from the University of Northern Alabama. As for me, I’ve been publishing books for a half-century and am a life-long student of parapsychology, the occult, Jungian psychology, astrology, magic, Wicca, and most related subjects. Basically, I'm an observer and a philosopher.

What's the difference between "Psychic Phenomena" and "Psychic Empowerment?"
Of course it's fun and exciting to read about the strange world of the paranormal, where people talk with the dead, travel out-of-body, see at a distance, read auras, and move objects with thought alonebut how much more exciting it would be to do it yourself?

Yes, it may be entertaining and helpful to be in the audience of a TV show where the host or guest communicates on your behalf with the recently deceased, and answers questions about life-after-death, assures you of your own spiritual immortality and of continuing love between the worlds—but how much more helpful it will be to do all this yourself?

Yes, reading, listening, and watching are all easy, safe, and non-challenging ways to learn more about the paranormal world—but how much empowering would it be to be doing it yourself?

You can do it yourself. Everyone has psychic powers, and anyone can develop psychic skills to turn those powers into ways to live a more exciting life, ways that will provide you with helpful enhancements to all that you do and experience, and ways to give your life greater meaning and purpose. Psychic empowerment is available to you and to everyone.

That's the difference between relating to phenomena from the outside and producing it from the inside. That's the difference between being an observer and a being an active doer with intent. That's the difference between being a receiver and being a giver. Psychic empowerment is about your own psychic skills.

To become empowered is to have it all. To become psychically empowered is to grow in ways that bring personal benefit and spiritual attainment. Psychic empowerment expands your awareness and understanding of everything that is happening and gives you the means to participate in change. In this book, the authors open your eyes to the fascinating inside view of the world and open your heart and mind to being part of that world. In this book, the authors provide you with the means to become more than you are and to fulfill your life purpose. Psychic empowerment gives your life meaning and purpose.

Psychic Empowerment for Everyone shows that you already have Psychic Powers and teaches you how to turn them into Psychic Skills that will enhance your Relationships, improve your Job Skills, increase your Self-Knowledge and Self-Understanding, and set you on the Path of the Great Adventure of Living more Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually full. The choice is yours to make.

What IS Psychic Empowerment?

Psychic Empowerment is about the growth and development of the ninety percent of the under-developed human psyche. It's about becoming more than you are now and awakening your whole being to realize the potential.

Psychic Empowerment is actually about your full empowerment—emotional, mental, and spiritual; it's the development of your Etheric, Astral, Mental, and Spiritual bodies. Psychic Development is an essential part of this as your Whole Self is realized.

We don't use the full potential with which we are all born—mental, psychic, spiritual, and physical—and, for the most part, we're content to leave it that way. A good analogy is the physical body: many people neglect their physical bodies, instead of realizing their full physical potential. We are familiar with people who convert their natural physical powers to physical skills through training and practice. We need not become Olympic Champions, but we do need to work responsibly with our birthright to gain greater health and a longer and more complete life.

But, we are more than just the physical body. Our Mind is more than the brain, and our Emotions are more than the hormones coursing through our body and sending signals to the brain. We start with Self-Understanding to move through Self-Improvement to Self-Transcendence. Our goal is Self-Fulfillment.

Why Develop Psychic Powers?

Everyone has psychic powers: you were born with them. But like other things you were born with, you need development and training to turn these powers into skills. That doesn't mean that you have to become a professional psychic to use your psychic powers. The truth is that you are using them all the time without being aware of doing so, and in many cases denying yourself the benefit that could easily improve your life in many ways.

The goal of psychic empowerment is not specifically the development of psychic powers but rather the expanded awareness that accompanies opening our psychic "doors and windows." The easiest way to discuss this is in terms of a three-fold model of consciousness: 1) the Subconscious Mind (also called the Lower Self); 2) Ordinary Awareness (also called the Conscious Mind); and 3) the Super-Conscious Mind (or Higher Self), with its access to the Collective Unconscious.

Basically, we are confined—through self-choice, ignorance, and the cultural milieu modeled by science and religion—to Ordinary Awareness or what we think of as our day-to-day consciousness and reality. Our awareness of the Subconscious Mind is largely that of the few dreams we may remember. And only very rarely is there any awareness at the Super-Conscious level and only passive contact with the contents of the Collective Unconscious.

Everyone has Psychic Powers; some few people have psychic experiences in the form of hunches, premonitions, feelings, and dreams. Others may access their Psychic World through creative brainstorming sessions, inspirations, and "sleeping on" problems.

Some people will have trained Psychic Skills of Clairvoyance, Aura Reading, Channeling, traveling Out-of-Body, and Dream Interpretation. And there are other people who have mastered particular tools to gain access to the Psychic Dimension such as the Tarot, Pendulums, I Ching, and Runes. Even with Astrology and its mathematical foundations and astronomical references, the successful astrologer has integrated its practice in ways that involve psychic skills even unknowingly. In addition, the Tarot and Kabbalistic Pathworking are particularly dynamic methods not only to access the Unconscious but also to expand Conscious Awareness into aspects of the Collective Unconscious and the Astral and Mental Planes. Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, and Prayer are also dynamic methods of Psychic Expansion.

I believe that success in any endeavor results from some psychic skill. But with understanding and psychic development, your success will increase.

How Can We Develop Our Psychic Skills?

The first step to psychic empowerment is to stop thinking of yourself as small and limited, and confined inside your skin and bones. You have more than a physical body! You have an Etheric Double, an Astral Body, a Mental Body, and a Spiritual Body. Even the person you think you are, your personality, only uses parts of your etheric, astral, and mental bodies, and nothing of your spiritual bodies—as yet.

Instead of this esoteric terminology, we can use the psychological model of the subconscious mind, the middle consciousness of everyday awareness, and the super consciousness with its connection to the collective unconscious. Your middle consciousness that you are when you're awake is only a very small part of your whole self. The other parts make up more than ninety percent of the real you.

We explore the greater you in our book, but I want to remind you that you do use some of your psychic potential already. You sometimes have hunches, sometimes you have flashes of intuition, sometimes your feelings give you information about a person or situation, your dreams sometimes give you information that's difficult to interpret, and sometimes things happen that save you from an accident or other harm. You need to start paying attention to these "nudges" from your greater self. You have to give them respect and learn their "language" of signs and symbols and feelings. When you pay attention, you expand your awareness beyond the narrow band of ordinary consciousness. You have broadband capacity and many channels; these are illustrated in Psychic Empowerment for Everyone.

You do open the door to the subconscious mind when you go to sleep—but that's the problem. This whole, vast, resource is closed off because you're "asleep at the switch" and don't know how to turn the lights on! Dreams are doorways into the subconscious, but you have to learn to interpret them and understand how to make them work for you. Meditation is another tool, and so is prayer. As previously mentioned, there are other various tools you can use to open windows to the subconscious, including the Tarot, the pendulum, runes, the I Ching hexagrams, and others. And you can learn how to "dream true" as a very easy way to mobilize the subconscious' immense resources.

One of the most reliable tools is self-hypnosis, which provides you with very specific keys to reach in and get what you want from the subconscious. And self-hypnosis is also a reliable way to access the astral world, to recover memories and past life experiences, to discover skills from past lives, and to access the "akashic records" for specific information you want or need.

But the most important thing you can do is to actually change your world. And when enough people change their personal worlds they can start changing the bigger world we share with everyone else. We can make the world a better place; we can have Peace, Prosperity, and Progress; we can have Enlightenment, Enrichment, and Empowerment.

Psychic Empowerment is not only your birthright, but also your responsibility to develop to fulfill your potential and to use your expanded conscious as a Human Citizen to aid all humanity and the health of home planet move on to the real New Age.

What you can do (and what we can do together) as you unfold and integrate your psychic powers has no limit. But it does require some effort, and some practice, and above all desire to grow and become more than you are.

All of this and more is detailed in Psychic Empowerment for Everyone.

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