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Love Alchemy: Using Astrology For True Love


Once upon a time, the ancient art of astrology was tethered to magic. Today, for mysterious reasons, what was once one has become two. This perfect pair need no longer remain divided. By using astro-magical enchantments in the service of true love, we can take our enchanting powers up a notch, and marry magic to astrology again.

Magic & Astrology
Ancient astrologers were more like the holistic doctors of today. An astrological advisor wasn't limited to predicting the next big war or who would win the King's crown. During the Renaissance, the astrologer's role was also Oracle, Philosopher, Metaphysician, and Magician. Magical astrologers interpreted the natural world's synchronistic messages, like a sudden appearance of crows, as potentially meaningful to an individual or nation. All heavenly "signs" were regarded as not separate from but apart of the inner life.

How would they design a spell? Often prescriptive, magical remedies and talismans were tailored to the spiritual issue or concern. The Astrologer-Magician chose substances by astrological correspondence, as all natural substances are imbued with planetary properties. This was matched to a desired outcome. For a person grieving over lost love, Rose Quartz (Venus) might be used to heighten unconditional self-love. Frankincense incense (Jupiter) could burned for spiritual protection, and to promote faith in a higher power and meaning. There'd likely be an elixir to drink—say rose water. The astrologer also provided the most auspicious time for these magical activities to take place. A ritual with appropriate music or chanting began at a chosen time. Prayer, spell, remedy, ritual, or magic, this is how the ancients courted the favor of the Gods and Goddesses.

A Divine Time For Love
Magic is a combination of right intention and divine timing. To every activity there is truly the *right* season. Right timing is like the nutrient rich soil Miracle-Gro, laying the perfect groundwork from which our deepest desires to grow. In my opinion, there's no greater magical cause to woo-woo and wow the Universe, than with our spiritual desire for love.

The timing of the spell is easy to pin down, but when our intended will be delivered is often the greater mystery. Love magic is a wish we unfold. We don't look for instant results, we look inward—we look for the spiritual meaning behind everything. Magic draws on our participative powers of intuition, imagination, and insight. Often when we suspend doubt, open to mystery, and view the world's events as reflective of our inner self, something within us shifts. We loosen up. We become more playful and open. A receptive, expectant, and positive attitude allows our wish to be answered in a profound and meaningful way.

Then something funny happens: we forget we did the spell (this is called surrendering desire), until in hindsight, six months later, when we begin dating someone spectacular. The spiritually symbolic has literally become man-i-fest! A girlfriend once asked me, "Do you think this man is a result of the magical work I did to attract my mate?" I could only answer: Ooooh, yes.

When to Do a Spell for Love and Romance
This answer is twofold: do a love spell when you're looking for love, or when you need to align your energy with anything related to love. You can do a romance spell to increase your erotic joy within an already existing relationship, to invite the ooh-la-la! back into your sex life, or to move on from an ex! Don't hex him, though—that's plain bad karma.

Second, do a love spell when the time is right. The most divine time for love is when the Universe is grooving on the good vibes of the planets. Generally, in choosing when to do a love spell, astrologers look at two celestial bodies: the Moon and Venus. We often add in spices of other planets, too. With knowledge of your birth chart, you can match the movements to what works best in your natal chart. But you don't have to be an astrologer to do good astrological magic, just some basics. I have a rule: K.I.S.S., keep it simple, sweetheart. This holds true whether choosing a divine date or designing a spell.

The Magical Moon

The Moon amplifies and reflects energy and is central to all divine ritual dates. New moons are pregnant with new beginnings; full moons bring fruition and fullness to our wishes already set in motion. Spells for new love work best when the Moon is waxing, or when the moon is moving from new to full—essentially half of every month. Some Moons are sweeter than others, like those in the same astrological sign as your Sun or Venus. Most people know their Sun sign, but if not you can find your Venus sign in my book, A Love Alchemist's Notebook: Magical Secrets For Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life.

For love spells, the few days after a New Moon are especially lovely. Full moons have a sexy reputation. After all, every creature great and small responds to the mating magnetism of full moons, so this is a fabulous time for fanning embers of passion and romance. One important caveat: full moons don't operate alone—they make the condition of every other planetary body in the sky known. That's why things brewing will often come to a head in our life around then. For spell dates in the free and clear, check your ephemeris or pocket astrologer.

That Temptress Venus
Pick a good Moon date, but don't forget to invite Venus to the party. The "It-girl" of the Zodiac, Venus is the archetype of magnetism and attraction, joy and erotic discovery. She specializes in never being alone, so looking gorgeous, getting into relationships, having a fantastic time there is her forte. She's a smart cookie because she knows our attractive and receptive attitude attracts love and pleasure. Astrologer Dana Gerhardt says, "Venus is our ability to be promiscuous with all of life..." In embodying her sultry and joyous ways, we tempt others to respond to our erotically engaged energies.

Venus, like any other planetary body, has good and bad hair days. Some days we don't love, let alone like, anything or anyone; we are practically incapable of being pleased! Not a good day to cook up a love spell. Other days, we are likelier to feel like Venus ascending, and we might put extra attention and care into our appearance, give our self a break and relax, be open to others—and do a love spell. We are not meant to "go it alone" on Venus days. If we're erotically engaged and open, we're feeling more attractive… and that's getting into the mood of love! Look for Venus transits to (among others) your Sun, Venus, Ascendant, or Descendant signs.

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Jessica Shepherd (California) is a writer, astrologer, and health coach who has studied and practiced modern astrology since 1992. She is the author of A Love Alchemist's Notebook: Magical Secrets For Drawing Your True Love ...

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