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What Does Each Sun Sign Teach Us About Past Lives?


Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has the potential to carry us back into past life memories and patterns. In my new book Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul's Evolutionary Path, I say in the introduction that each of us in the course of our lifetime will be asked by the universe to understand the basic nature of each sign. Why? Because the twelve signs represent a total life experience in which your soul needs to be immersed.

It is true that your own unique birth chart based on your day and time of birth, as well as geographical location, points to which particular signs (and planets) will be particularly accentuated for you. Your own Sun sign will show the way you like to shine in life and radiate your creative power. However, the more each of us learns to master the energies of each sign, the more we become complete and experience the greatest soul growth.

The purpose of this article is to describe the way each sign can act as a catalyst to stimulate your past life awakenings. Past life memories and talents are embedded in your consciousness just waiting to be rediscovered. Their energies are often influencing your decisions and thoughts, perhaps without your knowing it. The astrological signs are powerful symbols that have the potential to guide you into greater happiness, fulfillment, and abundance.

Think of the twelve signs as ambassadors of the collective unconscious, a term coined by Carl Jung. The collective unconscious is a collection of symbols shared by all of humanity since the beginning of time. Jung said we inherit this vast energy system, which comes to our conscious mind in the form of pre-existing archetypes. Each astrological sign manifests in archetypes, such as Aries as the warrior archetype or Sagittarius as the teacher archetype. In Sun Signs & Past Lives I say that the twelve signs emanate from the collective unconscious to weave their way through our mental impulses. We have the freedom of choice in how we make use of the sign energies. It is my belief that the twelve signs can lead us back to our past life tendencies. In this lifetime we can convert past life negative patterns into winning creative life directions.

Meet the Twelve Signs
Welcome to a brief analysis of past life themes for each of the signs. If you want a more customized and personal in-depth past life reading based on your birth date, simply read Sun Signs & Past Lives. If you read something in this article that sounds a bit negative about your own Sun sign, try not to worry. Instead, look at this as learning material. Nobody is perfect! Think of the twelve signs as offering twelve unique tickets into past life awareness onto exciting pathways for new opportunities in this life.

  1. Fiery Aries instills in you a quest for clear identity and courage in this lifetime. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I am." Archetypes include the Warrior and Leader. Aries is a fast-paced sign; there is a natural tendency to want to act first and think later. Acting on impulse is part of this sign's reality.

    What might Aries teach you about your past life tendencies? One key theme was balancing assertiveness. If you were too overpowering in past lives, then Aries is trying to guide you to still act with confidence but expand your consciousness in perceiving the impact of your actions. If you were too passive in past lives, this sign attempts to encourage greater directness in your actions. Another major past life theme regarded patience. Moving fast is in the DNA of this sign. Aries energy gets better results when you act boldly but not recklessly. The payoff in tuning into the past life patterns of Aries is that you get a lot more reward for your actions. You will find your creative intensity leads to success in the world that much faster. A sense of rebirth comes through having the courage to put your ideals into practice and in not losing sight of the needs of your closest friends and lovers.

  2. Earthy Taurus nudges you into a quest for self-esteem and to seek abundance in many different forms. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I have." Archetypes include the Stabilizer and Economizer. Taurus is a steady-paced sign; there is a natural tendency to plot each move carefully and to take action only when the path looks solid. A fondness for creature comforts comes standard with this sign. Creating beauty and seeking to maintain what has been achieved is a powerful innate drive.

    What can Taurus teach you about your past life instincts? One main theme was fixed mental attitudes. If you were too set in your ways in past lives then Taurus is trying to lead you toward a more flexible value system. Why? Because it liberates you in this lifetime to find relationships and careers that are more rewarding. Your creative power increases through being open to new options. It is in the natural pulse of Taurus to stay loyal to what has worked in the past, but it may be time in the present to make changes to allow for a better future. A second key past life theme was connected to self-worth. Valuing yourself is clearly essential to happiness and defining your choices in such a way that they can bring fulfillment. A sense of rebirth comes through sharing what you have materially and emotionally while at the same time making use of regular reality-testing in knowing who you can trust with your resources.

  3. Airy Gemini stimulates you into a quest for clearer mental insights and greater flexibility of ideas. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I perceive." Archetypes include the Communicator and Networker. Gemini is a fast-thinking and moving sign. Reflexes are usually lightning fast, allowing this sign to change directions faster than you can blink your eyes. An insatiable curiosity for learning is part of this sign package.

    What can Gemini teach you about your past life patterns? One theme was difficulty in staying focused on your goals. If you lacked follow-through in completing your plans in past lives, this sign can guide you to deepen your mental concentration. A second past life theme was often related to burnout. Why? This sign denotes a drive to resist resting. Learning ways to get recharged is essential to success. A sense of rebirth is achieved through a passion for new insights and being open to new learning material.

  4. Watery Cancer entices you into a quest for security and closeness with others. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I feel." Archetypes include the Nurturer and Preserver. Deep emotions and a keen intuition are part of the sign package. Cancer has a fondness for privacy and a desire for a comfortable home. Trusting others usually comes after feeling very comfortable with someone.

    What can Cancer teach you about your past life tendencies? A key challenge in past incarnations was finding emotional stability; it could be that establishing trust did not come easily. If a similar behavior is occurring in this life, then Cancer is offering you the inner strength to break free from this pattern. Another past life theme might have been unclear dependency needs. This water giant is guiding you to find the clarity to balance closeness and distance in relationships. A sense of rebirth comes through trusting your instincts about your goals and developing self-honesty in what you need from others.

  5. Fiery Leo dramatically pushes you into a quest for willpower and self-expression. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I create." Archetypes include the Actor and Leader. Leo has a natural inclination to want to be the center of attention. Making things happen is part of this sign package.

    What can Leo teach you about your past life tendencies? One area is being aware of the impact of your actions. In past lives you could have been too demanding; sharing center stage makes people want to cooperate in this lifetime. Another theme might have been wanting to always be the leader; sharing the power brings balance into the current incarnation. A sense of rebirth comes through believing in your creative instincts and encouraging those you love to pursue their dreams.

  6. Earthy Virgo gets you to meticulously launch a quest to accomplish efficiency and an attempt at perfection. The traditional astrology phrase is "I analyze." Archetypes include the Examiner and Editor. There is a natural desire to seek exactness in goals, which can create a lot of worry. Attention to details is a strong component of this sign.

    What can Virgo teach you about your past life patterns? One major arena was trying to make something too perfect. Virgo is guiding you to realize there are no perfect people or things; it is okay for life to get a bit messy! Another possible past life theme you could be dealing with is indulging in too much negative thinking. Having greater faith in your ideas is a must. A sense of rebirth comes through trusting your intuitive right brain and exploring those skills that will bring fulfillment.

  7. Airy Libra inspires a quest for social interactions of all different types. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I balance." Archetypes include the Diplomat and Strategist. A desire for partnerships and allies is an innate drive. Talent in the arts is part of this sign package. Learning to be decisive comes with much practice. This sign has a great ability to see that there are many options to any choice.

    What can Libra teach you about past life challenges? One theme that probably followed you into this incarnation was indecision. Libra can guide you to realize in this lifetime that it is far less painful to make a choice than to sit on the fence for too long. A second past life area might have involved looking for too much of your identity in another person. In this life you are needing to establish balance in your partnerships; being a unique person sets you free. A sense of rebirth comes through creating clear boundaries in relationships and being realistic in expectations of others.

  8. Watery Scorpio passionately drives you toward a quest for self-mastery and personal power. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I transform." Archetypes include the Detective and Manager. Scorpio is an emotionally intense sign fond of privacy; the secretive nature gives off a type of mystique. There is a capacity to bond deeply with people and careers. Scorpio really comes alive when discovering which goals will bring empowerment and self-sufficiency.

    What can Scorpio teach you about your past life instincts? One major challenge in past lives was channeling emotions and anger productively. Scorpio is guiding you into a more harmonious expression of this dynamic energy. Scorpio can show you how to do some cosmic composting—this means that this sign wants you to take what wasn't working positively and plant new growth-promoting seeds. A second trend was possibly in getting trapped in power struggles. This sign can aid you in gaining clarity in avoiding difficult people who purposely try to confuse you. A sense of rebirth comes through communicating your needs openly and when you deal directly with adversity.

  9. Fiery Sagittarius elevates you toward a quest for knowledge and inspiration. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I understand." Archetypes include the Teacher and Philosopher. Sagittarius tends to dream big, but is quite capable of landing on his or her feet. An inner desire to travel on the physical and mental levels is constantly pulsating through this restless sign's mind.

    What can Sagittarius teach you about your past life issues? One theme is you could have been too risk-taking in past lives without considering the consequences. Sagittarius is attempting to guide you in this life to look before you leap! A second area was expecting life to bring you success without making enough effort. Sagittarius is coaxing you to pour that fire circulating in your heart and soul right into your goals to make them come true. A sense of rebirth comes through acknowledging your limits while at the same time honoring the promise of your highest ideals.

  10. Earthy Capricorn pushes you to a quest for serious ambition and to honor your commitments. The traditional astrology phrase is "I build." Archetypes include the Executive and Authority Figure. There is a natural ability to have great focusing power embedded in the fabric of this sign. Capricorn attracts responsibility easily, so wisdom is required in learning what life paths to embark upon. Career goals often form early in life for those born under this sign. There is an inclination to be cautious about the future until goals are carefully planned.

    What can Capricorn teach you about your past life patterns? One theme in past lives could have been related to inflexibility. Difficulty in adapting to change made it a challenge to take advantage of new opportunities. In this life Capricorn can be guiding you to more readily adapt to new circumstances. Getting beyond comfort zones can release creative energy. Another possible past life theme was being too controlling, which caused power struggles with others. Capricorn can be showing you how to negotiate more openly to avoid unnecessary skirmishes. Trusting that it is a good thing to relinquish some control actually sets you free. A sense of rebirth comes through thinking positive and allowing yourself to play as hard as you work.

  11. Airy Aquarius excites you into a quest for freedom and new life directions. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I know. Archetypes include the Inventor and Innovator. Aquarius is a fast-thinking sign featuring unique insights, and impatience with those lacking imagination and fresh ideas is not uncommon. Friendship and equality are highly valued. Boredom is feared as much as a promising future is welcomed.

    What can Aquarius teach you about your past life tendencies? One trend that could have surfaced in past incarnations was extreme aloofness. You distanced yourself emotionally to keep others from getting to know the real you. Aquarius in this lifetime is guiding you to see that the best of two worlds can be attained, where freedom and emotional closeness can co-exist in your relationships. Another theme was loss of individuality. You may have surrendered your freedom too easily in order to gain acceptance. In this incarnation Aquarius is leading you in a new direction to be true to your own goals. A sense of rebirth manifests through thinking outside of the box just enough to perceive those choices opening the doors to self-discovery.

  12. Watery Pisces influences you to pursue a quest of your greatest dreams and highest ideals. Its traditional astrology phrase is "I believe." Archetypes include the healer and artist. This is a sign fueled by idealism and romanticism; Pisces likes to have a mission to keep its goals inspired. A need for sound reality-testing keeps the life journey in balance.

    What can Pisces teach you about your past life instincts? One past life theme was related to divine discontent. This means that your drive for perfection made it difficult to accept life's ups and downs; sometimes, your expectations of self and others may have been unreasonable. Pisces in this life is attempting to help you see that there are no perfect people, places, or things. You can continue to strive to do great things but must cultivate a sober view of the world. Another trend in past incarnations could have been believing in people that were better at taking than giving. Pisces in this lifetime is guiding you to seek more equality in your partnerships. You can find a soul mate with similar values or at least that has your best interest in mind. A sense of rebirth comes through making choices that keep your ideals enlivened and your spirit creative.
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