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A Tarot Diva’s Guide to the Ultimate Girl’s Sleepover

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My book Tarot Diva teaches you to ignite your intuition, glamorize your life, and unleash your fabulosity using the tarot. Nothing helps a girl glow with happiness and contentment more than a deep connection with her soul sisters and female friends.

In Tarot Diva I help you embody the ecstasy of the Three of Cups tarot card by explaining how to create a secret society with your closest girlfriends. Secret societies, while subversively fun and super powerful, require long-term commitment. For a quick jolt of gal power, return to the glory of your younger days with a sleepover.

Nothing beats the good fun of a pajama party. Remember how great they were? Donning your coziest jammies with a night of fun stretching ahead of you? Staying up until all hours giggling with girlfriends? The euphoria and excitement of whispering and sharing your deepest secrets with your best pals? The gentle midnight knocking on the window when the neighborhood boys caught wind of your sleepover...

Who says you can’t relive the old days? Just because you have a family, full time job, or other very grown-up responsibilities doesn’t mean you couldn’t or shouldn’t relive the good times. Treat yourself to a girlicious evening and empower yourself and your friends with a night you’ll never forget.

Remember, the power of a great sleepover stems from gathering a group and collectively focusing your energy on a desired goal. Your goal may be to have a rockin' good time. You and your ladies might like to achieve some magical goals for yourselves. Whatever your ultimate vision, my Tarot Diva’s Guide to the Ultimate Girl’s Sleepover will send you heading in the right direction. Adjust my suggestions to meet your specific needs.

  • Send non-invitees packing.

Plan your sleepover on a night where you can send the husbands, boyfriends, and significant others away and the kids packing. The fewer interruptions for you and your gals the better.

  • Sleeping Beauty’s Chamber.

Where will everyone sleep? Extra guest rooms are great for the in-laws, but it's more fun for the girls when everyone crashes together. Do you have a groovy finished basement? Throw a couple of mattresses on the floor and cover with sleeping bags. String up some fairy lights, put out some glossy fashion and gossip magazines, and be sure to have plenty of candles on hand.

  • Fabulous Foodstuffs.

Plan your menu out ahead of time. You want to join in the fun, not be stuck in the kitchen. Ask each guest to contribute their favorite dish. Feel free to theme the dishes and ask guests to provide copies of the recipes for everyone to take home. Maybe you have an appetizer-only meal. Perhaps you just order pizza and while everyone ogles the delivery boy.


Whatever you choose to dine on, be extra indulgent with at least one course. This may mean extravagant cheeses or devious dark chocolate desserts.

To create fabulous favors à la a candy shop, request each guest to bring a bag of their favorite of candy. Set the candy out in cute bowls and provide colored Chinese take-out containers. Each friend can create a custom take home candy box. Sweet!

  • Drinks.

Have plenty of tasty beverages on hand. Top off your evening with a signature theme drink.


Offer your guests a Pomegranate Mango Goddess Cocktail. Pomegranates are sacred to the goddess Aphrodite and the High Priestess of Tarot. Mango leaves denote a vibrant life and are used in Hindu divine blessing rituals. Mix one part pomegranate juice to 3 parts mango nectar.

Caution. Be sure to hold off on consuming booze and alcohol until any magical, divinatory, or ritual work is finished.

  • Evening Activities.

There are any number of fun and exciting activities you can plan for your sleepover. . .


  • Get Crafty. Spend the evening crafting vision boards. Your vision board may contain a specific lifestyle. It may represent your dreams and goals. Your vision board may refer specifically to love and romance. To freshen up your wardrobe, create a fashionista style vision board.

Ask each guest to bring old magazines, a pair of scissors, a poster board, and glue stick. Spread the materials out and begin selecting images. Choose images with qualities of what you’d like to attract into your life. Secure these images to your vision board. Don’t reject the abstract. You may also choose appealing words, colors, or textures. Remember your subconscious always follows the dominant suggestion.

  • Get Cinematic. Kick-start your evening with a screening of your favorite film. Watch a law of attraction movie like What The Bleep Do We Know or The Secret. Host a discussion afterward about how these attraction and manifestation themes have applied to your life. How does it work for you? How does it challenge you?


Perhaps you watch an old school witchy fave like The Craft or Practical Magic. Maybe you find a documentary based on the life of your favorite occult figure, such as Aleister Crowley or Harry Houdini. Become scream queens by opting for your favorite cheesy, scary flick with the lights out. Be sure to have plenty of popcorn on hand!

  • Get Divinely Witchy. Ask guests to bring along their favorite deck of angel or tarot cards. Pair off and offer readings for each other. Read each other’s palms. Cast some runes for a friend. Try your hand at tealeaf reading. This is a great time to experiment. Don’t feel you must be an expert in any one form of divination. Use whatever tools you have at hand. Let love and your intuition be your guide. Be sure to offer only uplifting and helpful advice.


  • Get Your Game On. Dust off that Oujia® board to discover if any passing spirits have a message for you. Rekindle your inner twelve-year-old with the classic game Light as A Feather. Historians find reference to the game of Light as a Feather as far back as the Seventeenth Century.


To play Light as a Feather, you must have at least five people present. One person lies down with their back on the floor. Two people sit on each side. The four "lifters" place their index and middle fingers underneath the back of the person lying down. Everyone closes their eyes and begin to whisper "Light as a feather, stiff as a board," together. Repeat and repeat, louder and louder as you slowly raise your friend up and of the floor.

  • Get Victorian—Hold a Séance. Select one guest to act as head medium. Spread fabric over a table with guests seated round and have everyone join hands. Raise the energy and invite spirits to join you. Ask aloud if there are messages for anyone. Listen for raps and knocks. Feel for rushes of cold air. Allow any guest at the table to pass a message along from the departed.


Attempt table tipping. To table tip, sit the group around a lightweight wooden table. Dim the lights or plunge the entire room into darkness. Have each guest place their hands on the top of the table. At once and together have the entire group attempt to raise the table with the power of their thoughts and intention. Be aware of raps or knocks.

  • Get Beautified. Indulge everyone in mashed avocado facemasks. Avocado is a food sacred to Venus and its rich oils are used in hundreds of beauty products.


Magical manicures and pedicures match the polish color to your guest’s desired intention. Red polish for passion, sensuality, and excitement. Pink for healing and peace. Black for protection and shapeshifting. Blue for good fortune and wisdom. Silver for telepathy, clairvoyance, and intuition. Purple for psychic ability and hidden knowledge. White for spirituality, peace, and purity.

  • Delicious Daytime Outing/Activities.

In addition to your sleepover, plan a daytime outing and make it a weekend to remember. Your activity may take place the day of the sleepover or the morning after. Adventures tend to be the most rewarding experiences. Find a local haunted house, abandoned castle, or beautiful graveyard, or plan a hike to a breathtaking vista. Be sure to receive any required permission before venturing onto private property.


Give your adventure a magical metaphor. Select your magical metaphor by deciding collectively what the metaphor of your trip is. By doing this you shower your adventure with magical intention. If you are exploring a haunted castle, is this act a metaphor for venturing into the deeper parts of your subconscious? If you are hiking up a mountain, does it represent the elevation of your consciousness? Ascending to new spiritual heights or simply moving onward and upwards in your life?

As you begin your adventure, offer a gift to the spirits of the property or the guardians of the mountain. Ask for permission to enter and assistance for your journey. Offer sweet cookies or nuts as a gift to said spirits.

Upon arrival to your destination, pull a few tarot cards, cast some runes, or open sacred space and hold a group meditation or ritual. Punctuate your adventure with your choice of magical activity to make it that much more special.

When you leave, offer another tasty gift of thanks to the spirits of the place you have visited. Good luck and have a fabulous time!

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