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Spiritual Magnetism and the Mix Tape of Death

Haunted Room

I am certain, if you are reading this article, that at some point in your life you have heard somebody described as a "magnet for activity," a "ghost magnet," or something similar. A few years ago, a colleague of mine started referring to me as such. At first I laughed it off, claiming that such an attribute did not and could not exist. Recently, I have started researching and pondering heavily on the idea that this could potentially be true.

I was never fond of the idea of giving individuals involved in the field of paranormal or supernatural research labels of any kind. I have never been one to implement psychics or mediums, as my research was always heavily rooted in gathering data scientifically. I am certainly open to the concept of such things; as with anything found in this field, a certain level of open-mindedness is a necessary evil.

However, if Spiritual Magnetism exists, I do not think it is a gift or a fluke in biology or anything remotely close to the attributes commonly found in those claiming to be psychic or clairvoyant. In fact, I think Spiritual Magnetism is something just about any individual can experience if the circumstances presented are just right.

All of the research and data I have gathered over the years support the belief of some sort of life after death. In my mind, the question that remains asks, "Is life after death life, former life, or simply a recording of life?" The data presented has led me to believe that magnetics (and electricity in general) play a vital role in the existence and discovery of spirits.

Bioelectromagnetism, or Bioelectricity, is not a new discovery. The human body contains electricity. Energy itself is infinite by changing into one form from another. So when the human body expires, the energy remains. Some believe that energy to be a soul or something else rooted in religion, while others believe it to be a gateway to the other side. Some people believe it to be nothing at all and completely irrelevant to the field of paranormal research.

My private research on the subject has me baffled and at the same time extremely intrigued.

In many ways, I believe our entire universe to be one very large recording device, or, a "Mix Tape of Death," to give it a marketable commercial name. I am kidding. Just like magnetic tape utilizes magnetism to record sound or images, our environment could very well be doing the same thing, only on a grander scale.

Let me explain. Did you ever think you heard somebody say your name and it sounded like your mother or a close friend? Did you later discover that the person you thought said your name was not around or you were alone at the time? I am starting to lean towards the possibility that our universe can record everyday events just like that of a cassette deck.

Before I talk more about that, I want to dive a little deeper into the Spiritual Magnetism theory.

Like anything involving the human body, repetition leads to results. Those results are not always necessarily positive, but ultimately, results occur. If an individual consistently exercises at a gym, results can be measured, no matter how small. If an individual smokes their entire life, results can be measured, and so on and so forth.

I compare this to being exposed to the sun. The more an individual allows the sun to blanket their skin, the darker the skin becomes. The less an individual allows the sun to blanket their skin, the lighter the skin becomes. Now what if we take that concept and apply it to the field of paranormal research? If ghosts or spiritual beings are in fact some form of energy and electromagnetic properties are in place, is it hard to fathom the possibility that the more we expose ourselves to spiritual energy the more magnetized we become? Could overexposure to spiritual magnetism be the cause of what we perceive to be possession? The questions are endless.

Over the years I have found that the longer I expose myself to a spiritually active location, the more "in tune" I become to the activity. There have been cases in my life where I have witnessed shadow entities, heard voices, or seen unexplainable activity in my own home after returning from two or three days at a spiritually active location. Was I spiritual or magnetically charged during those times?

I have been very successful with my research where the evidence gathered was some of the best I personally ever documented. Could the overexposure to Spiritual Magnetism have played a role in that?

There have been many cases in which I felt followed home or witnessed activity in areas that never reported such a thing. But eventually it all would subside. This would especially happen when I would go a few weeks without subjecting myself to spiritual activity. On the flipside, those times when I would be heavily involved at a location for weeks on end, the supernatural became more apparent in my life outside of paranormal research. I begin to see and hear things I normally do not.

Think of it like a magnet and a paperclip. If you take a paperclip and rub it vigorously on a magnet, for a brief moment that paperclip becomes magnetized and can "pick up" other paperclips. Shortly after, the paperclip returns to its normal state. So, are ghosts the magnets and we the paperclips?

Going back to the Mix Tape of Death theory, is it possible that these occurrences we label ghosts are not actually ghosts at all? Could it be that all this talk and all this research out there attempting to validate or disprove the existence of life after death has it all wrong right from the beginning?

What if what we think we are seeing or hearing is not a ghost at all? What if it is nothing more than a recording?

Let's face reality here. As many times as I have witnessed bizarre, unexplainable phenomena, not one time have I ever documented a five minute conversation with a ghost. We all can sit here and say we have conducted lengthy communication sessions where something was answering our questions. However, there is such a thing as coincidence.

Now, I will be there first to tell you (and I have already in this article) that I have witnessed full-body apparitions. There is no question in my mind that I saw something that typically would not be there. But it is exactly what I saw that I question.

I believe it is possible for our environment, our universe, and the elements to be perfect and in place at just those right moments to capture the living in a recording yet to be proven or discovered.

It certainly is not quite as fun or intriguing to humor the idea that ghosts do not exist and never did. But as a paranormal researcher, I must explore all possibilities. What we know of ghosts could be nothing more than an imprint in our own reality.

I have read many cases where ghosts were seen of the living. Could this be a premonition or something else? Of course, this does not explain how the sensation of being touched or hurt by entities can occur (unless of course the energy recorded was strong enough to do so). High electromagnetic fields can and will move objects, and most people are aware of the effects they have on human beings.

In the end, either for or against, I believe that electromagnetism will ultimately play a role in learning more about supernatural phenomena. One day, this phenomenon may not be considered so supernatural anymore. Electromagnetism is to the supernatural as gravity is to the earth.

Don't get me wrong. I am certainly not saying ghosts do not exists. Just consider what I do, or read one of my books. I find that continuing to think outside the box opens up great possibility to groundbreaking discoveries in this field.

I believe in ghosts... ...or whatever they are or could be. There is a popular phrase that refers to the "ghost in the machine"—but what if ghosts are the machine?

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