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What Do You Believe About Ghosts? A Self-Assessment

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It is increasingly important for investigators to understand their own personal beliefs and how it may affect their own ghost hunting. Get a pen or pencil and take this little self-assessment—just for fun! There are no right or wrong answers.

What Are Ghosts?
? Ghosts are souls of the departed that occupy our realm
? Ghosts are souls of the departed that live on the other side of the veil, and can cross over to our side
? Ghosts are energy forms
? Ghosts are leftover aspects or our personalities
? Ghosts are something we create, like thought forms
? Ghosts are some type of unexplained process at the quantum level
? Ghosts are demons or other types of nonhumans
? Ghosts can be all of the above
? I am not sure what a ghost is
? I do not believe in ghosts

Which statements represent your personal beliefs about what happens when we die?
? We immediately go to Heaven or Hell
? We go to Purgatory
? We are reincarnated
? We go into a type of suspended soul sleep until Jesus returns
? We go into a type of suspended soul sleep until Judgment Day (not necessarily from a Christian perspective)
? We merely change into a different type of energy
? We remain in this realm for a while until we are ready to move on
? We go to the next spiritual plane
? We just die and that is it
? We go to Heaven, Hell, or whatever place we believe in
? I do not know what happens after we die

What is your motivation for doing paranormal investigation?
? I want to learn about paranormal theory and history of investigation
? I want to learn creative and artistic ways to document the investigation
? I want to experiment with cool equipment
? I want to conduct various experiments
? I want to help homeowners
? I am interested in demonology and spiritual warfare
? I am interested in learning how the world works
? I want to develop my own intuitive abilities
? I am interested in having paranormal experiences
? I am interested in being someone valued for my ideas and contributions

In your opinion, what causes a ghost? ? They have unfinished businesses
? They are afraid or unable to cross over
? They want to stay behind and check on loved ones
? They can come and go whenever they want
? They can come and go at specific times for specific reasons
? A living agent as a form of psychokinesis may generate a "ghost"
? A "ghost" is merely a scientific yet unexplained natural process we do not yet and can cross over to our side
? I have no idea

Which statements reflect how you feel the "other side" works?
? There are certain rules that ghosts/spirits must follow
? Purgatory is the "other side"
? We are merely experiencing a holographic aspect of the multiverse
? There are many dimensions occupied by various life forms/energies
? Ghosts are merely unidentified energies and we are experiencing natural— not supernatural—phenomena
? Ghosts can see us all the time but we can’t see them unless they want us to
? Certain conditions have to be just right in order for us to communicate across the veil
? The "other side" is something accessible to us at any given time through the use of our consciousness

Now that you have taken this self-assessment, really think about what you believe and how you feel about ghosts, hauntings, the afterlife, the role of religion, and science. Hopefully you now have a better sense of what you believe and what you may want to accomplish in investigation. Maybe write out your own personal statement and put it away somewhere. Revisit that statement in a few months, or even a year, and see if your ideas have changed. This type of journey is often transformative; many people find their beliefs undergo dramatic change, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Excerpted from So You Want to Hunt Ghosts? by Deonna Kelli Sayed.

About Deonna Kelli Sayed

Deonna Kelli Sayed (Greensboro, NC) is a Muslim-American paranormal investigator with Haunted North Carolina (HNC). She lectures on many issues, from women in Islam to the paranormal, and has lived and conducted studies ...

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