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A New(merological) Spin on the Law of Attraction

Base 12 Numerology
The Base-12 Numerology Cycle

The law of attraction is the well-known universal principle of transforming thoughts into reality using the vibrational principle of resonance, or, "like attracts like." And this isn't only something we do to get what we want but actually do all the time, whether or not we realize it.

As vibrational expressions of consciousness ourselves, we are always projecting both conscious thoughts and unconscious beliefs to the universe. However, the universe doesn't differentiate between wanted and unwanted beliefs. The vibrational thoughtform we hold, whatever it may be, is what the universe seeks to match with a reality of like vibration. Also, just as the twelve frequencies of the base-12 numerology cycle (shown above) are general themes or archetypes rather than specific intentions, our thoughts and beliefs manifest from a broad range of possibilities unless we restrict them to a narrow outcome—something we do all too often.

For instance, if you would love to visit Hawaii when you retire and can't stop thinking about the exhilarating freedom that tropical adventure would bring, it is actually the 5 theme of change that you are more broadly attracting. This therefore attracts a variety of experiences into your reality that resonate with that overall energy of change and freedom: maybe you are asked to travel to Mexico on an unexpected business trip, perhaps you run into an old friend who is a travel agent, or suddenly you get invited to a destination wedding in Aruba, all expenses paid.

This highlights the key to effective manifesting: the universe, your Higher Self and your spiritual team of guides know you far better than you do with your physically limited perspective. This is why it's always best to focus your thoughts on the theme you wish to attract rather than its specific form and to let the universe do the rest. If you hold out for a specific outcome, like that trip to Hawaii and only when you retire, you may miss out on many other opportunities and synchronicities in the meantime that would bring you the same type of joy in an even more timely and fulfilling way. So remember, the universe knows you best (please don't tell your mother I said that).

The Law of Attraction 1.0
The way the law of attraction is traditionally described is as a three-step process of focusing your attention on what you desire, maintaining your emotional alignment with that desire, and then allowing the best outcome to manifest without restricting the form it may take. This three-step process of asking, allowing, and receiving is how the law of attraction is typically summed up, and is the way I first learned about it.

Still, like myself, many experience mixed results in following this somewhat simplistic and vague formula. The great news is that the base-12 prime waveform expands and clarifies this process, explaining the specific vibrational principles involved in this powerful tool.

The Law of Attraction 12.0
Actually involving six steps rather than three, this new spin on the classic law of attraction incorporates all twelve themes of the base-12 numerology cycle in a vibrationally balanced way. To explain, let's review what that cycle represents.

The base-12 numerology cycle is what I believe to be the creative blueprint of physical and spiritual duality from which everything emerges, where the first half of the cycle from 0 to 5 represents physically focused themes and the second half from 6 to 11 their spiritually enlightened counterparts inspired by love. As such, each of the spiritual themes from 6 to 11 are vibrationally the result of adding the 6 of love to the physical themes from 0 to 5 (i.e. 0 + 6 = 6, 1 + 6 = 7, 2 + 6 = 8, 3 + 6 = 9, 4 + 6 = 10 and 5 + 6 = 11). These six pairings of 0/6, 1/7, 2/8, 3/9, 4/10 and 5/11 therefore represent the six steps required to manifest in a physically and spiritually balanced way.

Also, to know a theme well within the base-12 cycle is to experience and understand its full vibrational range, essentially the net vibration of the upper and lower waves when combined. This combined wave (shown in grey) is the path of resonance along which we can best resonate with the prime waveform—our path of least resistance to love. Note, too, how the figure-8 path of base-12 cycle follows a forward spin direction along the solid wave from 0 to 12 and a backward spin along the dashed wave from 12 to 0. The solid wave represents the positive polarity of asserting a theme into reality—of projecting our thoughts forward—while the dashed wave is its opposite polarity of allowing potentials to happen—of attracting matching outcomes towards us. As each of the twelve number themes are defined by its probability profile between those two waves and their opposing spin directions, it requires both assertion and allowance to "freeze" a theme's spin in place long enough for it to manifest.

So let's walk through the six steps to understand how they work together as a vibrationally complete and love-inspired process of turning thoughts into reality:

  • Step 1: Imagine a potential (0) you are passionate about (6)
  • Step 2: Focus (1) on that desire, believing (7) it is possible
  • Step 3: Emotionally relate (2) to the feeling of it achieved, knowing you are worthy (8)
  • Step 4: Allow synchronicity to guide you (3), trusting it will happen (9)
  • Step 5: Be flexible as to the form it may take (4), keeping open-minded and alert (10)
  • Step 6: Act on the opportunity (5) once it is illuminated (11)

Here are some additional tips to make the most of the base-12 manifestation process:

  • In step 1, use your intuitive senses to identify what truly excites you, not just what you think sounds exciting. We are all unique and each of us have a different picture of what would make us happy, so follow your own inner guidance rather than what appears to make others happy.
  • In step 2, make sure you're focusing on what you want (e.g. a supportive relationship) rather than avoiding what you don't want (e.g. a controlling and insensitive partner).
  • In step 3, it is important to hold the fulfilled emotion of already having achieved what you're trying to manifest rather than the unfulfilled desire of something you still currently lack.
  • In step 4, remember to release expectations and allow the universe to bring to you what is in your greatest good without trying to force a particular outcome.
  • In step 5, keep your eyes open for little signs and synchronicities that are leading you towards your new manifestation. Here, you need to go with the flow and follow your intuitive GPS for what feels right. And above all, be patient as impatience is just another flavor of lack that will work against your best efforts to attract abundance.
  • Last, in step 6, have the courage to seize what comes your way. We all have regrets about opportunities on which we didn't act, whether out of fear or complacency. So when positive things manifest, even if they aren't what you expect, grab hold and see where they lead.

Often when manifesting, your new reality takes shape over a series of choreographed steps rather than one big pay day. It's like playing chess; each move brings you closer to your goal but needs to be recalculated each step of the way depending on what the other player does and how the game board develops. We are never creating our reality on our own but rather co-creating with the realities of everyone and everything affected by our choices. Not to worry, though—the universe has a handle on this intricate network of cause and effect. All you have to do is simply trust the process and let the universe strategize your best path.

To learn more about harnessing the power of twelve in your personal journey, my book, Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Life Path Through Nature's Most Powerful Number provides everything you need to apply the vibrational wisdom of numbers for greater clarity and mastery in all aspects of your life.

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