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A Quick Channeling Tutorial

Pendulum Over Cards

Channeling, also called telepathy, is a skill that anyone can learn. It is intuitive communication with any living or spiritual being that does not rely on the five physical senses.

Telepathy is not just a communication in verbal form. It can also occur as feelings, imagery, or other types of perception such as are experienced in dowsing. It is a natural and universal form of interpersonal and spiritual communication. It has been observed in other mammals such as dogs and cats, and also in birds such as ravens. Telepathic communication most often occurs at a subtle, subconscious level, and does not reach conscious awareness. Instead, it results in an often vague gut feeling, or a fleeting thought you assume to be your own.

Over the years, I have learned and developed techniques to extrapolate information obtained through telepathic interaction. Channeling with pendulum dowsing is a short and easy method by which you can talk to your spirit guides and other beings. The focus in this method is on perceiving accurate, specific, and useful information.

Tools for this Technique
To do this simple but effective channeling technique, a couple of tools are needed. You need to have paper and pen, a pendulum, and a deck of cards. I will go over the specifics for each tool briefly.

My favorite pendulum is a darning needle. A darning needle is used in knitting to join separate pieces. I also use sewing needles. The string that holds the pendulum should be something lightweight. For a beginner, a lightweight sewing thread is easier to work with. Ideally, you should not feel the weight of the pendulum when you hold it and it is not moving.

The second tool is a deck of cards. The cards can be playing cards or Tarot cards. You will be using only the numbered cards. In a Tarot deck, each suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks or Pentacles) has ten numbered cards. If you are using playing cards, use the numbered cards with each suit (Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds). Pull these forty cards out of the deck.

The paper and pen are to write your questions down and the responses you receive through channeling. Any paper can be used. I use a notepad on my cellphone if I do not have my paper communication book handy.

Ten-Step Channeling Technique
1. Pick out at least six numbered cards from the deck. The cards do not have to be of the same suit. However, the number of even and odd cards you select must be equal. For example, if you are using a Tarot deck you can pick out cards 1 to 6 of the suit of Cups, which gives you 3 even and 3 odd numbered cards. The odd numbers are 1,3, and 5; the even numbers, 2, 4, and 6.

2. Shuffle the cards you pulled from the deck to mix them up so that you do not know which card is which. You will be selecting three cards from these numbered cards with your pendulum. It is important when you do the dowsing that you do not have any conscious idea which number the pendulum is selecting.

3. Connect with the spirit you want to communicate with. In this article, I am focusing on connecting with a spirit ally or guide. This is the easiest spirit to connect with for most people and does not require elaborate meditation or a contact ritual. If you feel more comfortable doing a protection circle, and smudging or cleansing your location, that is fine. Because there are many different ways to protect a space, I will not go into them here. Protective measures are unnecessary. Telepathy occurs constantly even though you are unaware of it. It is not dangerous. It is a normal everyday thing that you can learn how to control and use for a purpose.

You do not have to know the exact name or identity of your guide. Simply focus on connecting with your spirit guide and that will be sufficient. You can assume that your spirit guide wants to connect with you and wants you to learn this technique.

Even though you do not have to a have a specific name for your spirit guide, it is important that you not be distracted or restless while you attempt to make contact. You need to be focused in order to successfully communicate through telepathy. The connection and communication requires physical and mental steadiness. You are not looking for an apparition or any kind of physical manifestation with this technique. Simple telepathy does not require this. It is a low-intensity connection.

4. Step four is asking a question. When using a pendulum, the question you pose needs to be answerable with a "yes" or "no" response. You can ask any question. The spirit guide is not limited by space or time. However, when you are learning how to communicate using channeling or telepathy, it is best to start with a specific type of question called a trivial precognitive question. A trivial question is a question regarding a minor and unimportant event. The reason why you should start with a trivial question is that it does not carry any emotional baggage. It allows you to experience channeling without emotional intensity. This will help you to develop accuracy.

A precognitive event is a prediction of an event or activity that will occur in the future from the time you are doing the session. In this type of channeling, the event should be within a few hours to day after the channeling session. As you gain experience you can channel about events farther into the future.

Using trivial precognitive questions for channeling is also called channeling calibration. You are testing your connection and your accuracy in telepathic communication. The goal of calibration is to improve your accuracy so you can obtain better information about topics that are important and more interesting.

Here are a couple examples of channeling calibration questions. The event and time limit for the prediction are spelled out in the question:

  • "Will I see a red car when I go to the grocery store at 10 am today?"
  • "Will I see a crow in my yard by 5 pm today?"
  • "Will it rain at my home by 8 pm today?"

Write down your question on the paper or in the notebook app of your cell phone.

5.Arrange the cards you took from the deck face down in front of you on the table so that they are evenly spaced. You should have an equal number of even and odd cards. They need to be placed face down so that you cannot see the numbers, only the backs of the cards. Hiding the numbers will help your accuracy.

6. Before you pick up the pendulum, state out loud: "Even numbers represent a 'yes' response, and odd numbers represent a 'no' response." It is important to state out loud how a positive or "yes" and a negative or "no" response is represented in that session. It is also a good idea to stick with the responses you set for you subsequent sessions—that is, even numbers for "yes"/positive response and odd numbers for "no"/negative response.

7. Move your pendulum over the cards, holding the thread between your first finger and thumb. The pendulum should hang about four inches below your hand. Do not rest your elbow on the table while you work. Observe the pendulum for changes in the feeling of the pendulum, or in its movement as you pass it over the cards. You may feel the pendulum pull towards a card as though it is being pulled by a sort of weak magnetic force. This is usually very subtle. The pendulum may, or may not, swing or move in a circular way. It may just vibrate without moving much at all. Do not force the pendulum to move or swing. The subtle changes in vibration, motion, or sense of pulling of the pendulum are what you want to observe. You will initially feel as though you are imagining the change of movement or sense of pulling.

This change in the feeling or movement of the pendulum will occur when it passes over a card that the spirit guide wants you to select in response to the question you have posed. It is the spirit guide who is influencing how the pendulum feels, but the influence is subtle, soft, and gentle.

You should move the pendulum slowly but steadily over the face-down cards in front of you so that it passes over each one in turn. Watch and feel for that gentle change in the movement or sensation of the pendulum.

When the pendulum indicates selection of one of the cards on the table in front of you by a change in its vibration or movement, set the card aside. Do not turn it over until all three cards are selected. Once you have selected three cards lay the pendulum down.

8. After you have selected three cards with the pendulum, turn those cards over. Count the number of even cards and the number of odd cards that the spirit guide selected. If you have two or more even-numbered cards, then the response is positive/"yes." If you have two or more odd-numbered cards selected, the response is negative/"no."

9. The last active step is to compare the session result, which is the prediction, with the event to be predicted. The response should be noted and then compared to physical reality after the time stated for the prediction. For example, if you ask about seeing a red car at the grocery store by 10:00 am, you should note whether or not you saw a red car when you ran the errand. I write down the results of the prediction and whether or not they matched up with reality. The act of recording and comparing your channeling results against what actually happened will improve your accuracy. As your channeling accuracy improves, so will your connection to your spirit guides. This builds confidence, and as your confidence grows, you can branch out and ask more important questions of your guide regarding such matters as the use of magick, your employment, diet, healing, and other life choices.

10.Celebrate!!! As you learn to channel using this dowsing method, you will find you have a very powerful tool in your hands. Connection to Spirit is fun and provides deep insights into this life and the next. The universe begins to open to you as you viscerally connect to and realize that Spirit is real, and you are far more than just a physical body.

In my book The Art of Channeling, I go through additional channeling techniques that anyone can learn and use. I focus on accuracy and growth by experiencing telepathy. When you realize that you are indeed communicating by telepathy, you break down the barriers that hold you back from growing spiritually and psychically. In addition, advancement in telepathy can lead to beneficial breakthroughs in health, energy, and exploration of the universe. The possibilities are unlimited.

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