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Subject: Home and Garden

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Extracting of oils and other substances from plants via boiling. The desired pieces of one or more plants are covered with water that is brought to a boil and kept at that temperature for about 10 minutes. The solution is allowed to cool and is then strained through a filter or cheesecloth.

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A term used to describe world of nature and plants.
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An herbal tea or potion.
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A results-based science, determined over centuries of observation, that certain plants and crops will grow better when planted not only at a certain season of the year, but during a certain time of the lunar cycle during that season.

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The process of soaking an herb in alcohol or oil to extract the essential oils.
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Also known a "All Heal,” mistletoe is the name for a group of parasitic plants that grows attached to or within the branches of various trees or shrubs. For Druids, it was very sacred and would be harvested using a sacred sickle and caught in a white cloth without touching the ground. Its claimed healing properties may have been overstated. Its leaves and berries are poisonous and extreme care is needed for health purposes. Herbalists have used it for circulatory and respiratory problems. ...
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The space around and between objects. Most commonly used in reference to art. 

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A cloth bag filled with herbs. Usually, the herbs can be smelled through the cloth.
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A potion or infusion usually made from two or more herbs.
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The technique of soaking an herb in a hot liquid, typically water. 

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An abnormal growth on tamarisk tree that is created when a gall-wasp deposits eggs on the tree. The tree envelops the eggs, forming a nut-like structure. The mature insects bore through the gall to escape. Tamarisk galls are high in tannins which are used to tan leather.

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Infusion made with alcohol, cider, vinegar, or a similar substance.
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A sphere of glass used in 18th-century England. Hung in windows, they were used to ward off evil. They could be quite large and in 19th century America appeared on stands in gardens where they were called “gazing balls.” Smaller ones eventually changed into the modern spherical Christmas tree ornament.
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