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Ritual to Increase Your Success with IVF

Incense Stick and Tea Light

You will not be raising any energy to release but you certainly will be connecting with the Goddess and God energy. This is a ritual written to perform with two partners involved, however you can perform variations. If you are a female and your partner is female, allow the partner that is not actually going to carry the baby to take the God's role on behalf of the sperm donor. If you are performing the spell yourself, simply imagine your partner or the god of your choice next to you. The spell works equally well with or without a live partner.

The meditation section is written as if the female partner who is having the IVF procedure is leading. Just rewrite to fit if the non-IVF partner is leading.

Perform this spell on any night, but definitely within a few days before the IVF cycle commences. Ensure the room is warm. Ensure that you both will be undisturbed. Decide ahead of time which one of you will lead the meditation and guide the other out loud.

Welcome the God and Goddess, and thank them for being with you here tonight in this beautiful place.


  • An orange or gold candle to represent the God
  • A silver or white candle to represent the Goddess
  • A third candle of your chosen color to represent the baby
  • Matches
  • Charcoal
  • Some sandalwood chips or frankincense to burn on the charcoal
  • Comfortable robes that you can slip out of easily for the skyclad elements of the ritual

Cast and open a Circle if you wish.

Face each other. The female lights the silver/white candle. Relax. Take several deep breaths. Welcome the Goddess to your Circle:

We welcome you, Goddess, Maiden, Crone. We know you are all things and create all things in unity with the God. You are the Goddess of the moon, of all its cycles, and it is born, as it grows, and as it diminishes across the sky.

We ask your help here tonight to overcome any barriers to a successful pregnancy of a child conceived outside our physical body. We ask that you extend our connection and body limits so that life is created within us, even though man would see it differently. You are the Goddess who made us from your own spark, your own womb, so we ask that you create our child in the same way.

Gaze at the candle or close your eyes and go within. Visualize the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, before you. She can look as you wish—there is no wrong image. Meditate on some of the aspects of the Goddess that you might like to bring forward tonight or that appeal to you at this moment.

Open your eyes. The male lights the orange/gold candle. Relax. Take several deep breaths.

Welcome the God to your Circle:

I light this in honor of the God. I know you are all things and create all things in unity with the Goddess. Be with us tonight.

Now light your herbs and incense, and both disrobe. Look into your partner's eyes. See them. The female says:

I honor you. You are a God and a Creator.

Look into your partner's eyes. See them. The male says:

I honor you. You are a Goddess and a Creator.

Both say as you hold hands:

We united to bring life. Bring us a child that will be the best of both of us. As above so below.

Now both lay down on your backs, in a subtle star shape—legs apart, arms outside your body, and link the nearest hand touching yours. You should look like two touching stars.

Relax. Breathe deeply. This is a time for just the two of you.

Imagine now that you are lying on the softest, freshest green grass. So soft, so green. Above you is the night sky. Stars twinkle and glisten. The breeze is warm and you can feel the hair on your head stirring just a little. Your skin feels so alive and sensitive. It is almost like you can feel the starlight kissing your body.

Now feel the skin on your back laying heavily against the grass and fragrant, moist earth until you find yourselves lying on heaps of red satin.

You are in a red room. The room has no corners and is curved. It is softly glowing. You are lying on the softest, silkiest red fabric. It warms to the touch of your skin and you are infinitely comfortable.

Mmmmmm, this feels sooo good. Slowly become more aware of the red room. There is a curtained door at one end. You sit up, still holding hands and look at the magnificence of each other. How beautiful you look. How perfect. Full of love and potential.

Now you stand, and you ask that the Goddess come forward. (Call however you wish, but do not go beyond the curtain—wait for her to come through the curtains.)

The Goddess is now with you. She steps forward and greets you both with love and laughter. The goddess is holding out to you a gift.

It is a deep pink flower bud. She touches the skin of your lower belly and the bud now glows softly pink on you and in your womb. The Goddess smiles and steps away. There is a heat, a shimmer of light that begins to spread over your body. Your partner can feel it too, its warmth, its ripeness. The bud within your womb begins to flower, and each exquisite petal begins to open, petal by petal. It is beautiful. There is a shiver of light and you can now smell the heady fragrance of the flower in full bloom, in full sweetness and ripeness. The Goddess then steps forward and reverently takes the flower in her hands.

She beckons for you to step forward (the male partner). She asks you to add your essence to the glowing ripe flower. Do this your way. (For example some visualizations have included kissing the flower or transferring a golden orb from the lingham.) As the flower and essence combine, the flower begins to glow more brightly and transform into an incredibly bright form.

The Goddess says warmly:

It matters not where life is created. It matters only that life is created.

She then places the glowing form back into your womb, where it reduces in size, but feels anchored there. The glow is still visible and you know it won't be extinguished.

You now both offer the Goddess a gift. She accepts it and she is gone. You lie back down in that red softness, and begin to float back up through the red ceiling until you have passed back through the earth onto the grass.

Now begin to place your awareness back into this room. Feel your hand in your partner's, and slowly begin to open your eyes. Welcome back!

Now light the third candle that represents our union.

The God and the Goddess are still with you and sharing with you their gift of fertility and creativity. Stay in the Circle for a while and share your experiences and ground yourself by perhaps eating, having a glass of wine, or even dancing. I would normally even recommend having sex, but if your procedure is close please refrain. Know that your mind and body are already responding to your intentions.

Complete the Ritual
Close your Circle. Extinguish the candles. However, you may wish to keep the one representing your union alight for a little longer.

Extinguish and bury any remaining charcoal or herbs/incense in the garden or yard.

Commit to the IVF cycle in full confidence that you are both prepared and that you have increased your chances. The process will be easy and painless. The fertilization will be successful and the embryo strong. It will be implanted and it will anchor to your womb strongly. Begin to live what you have experienced. When you are feeling worried or low, light the candle representing your union and talk about things between you.

Book of Shadows Entries
Chart your progress by recording your feelings, behaviors, actions, and results. Share your feelings and experiences also with your partner in particular as you go through the cycle, paying close attention to coincidences and details even if they seem insignificant or unrelated at the time. Remember to date all your entries.

Excerpted from Witch in the Bedroom: Proven Sensual Magic by Stacey Demarco

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