Guidance from Blob: 8 Ways to Survive in a World Gone Mad

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When I was asked to write this, I had to stop and think. How would Blob respond if he were asked to compile a list of how to navigate these crazy times?

Who is Blob, I hear you ask? He is the star of Conversations with Blob: A Guide to Spiritual Living in a World Gone Mad—a wise, warm, and witty character to whom I have posed life's burning questions, such as, "Who am I?," "Why am I here?," "Why the chaos?" As I've muddled through life, he has offered profoundly liberating messages that have radically altered my experience of the world and my place in it.

So, knowing him as well as I do, I'm fairly confident that this is what he'd like to offer you with respect to surviving a world gone mad:

1. Remember Who You Are
He'd definitely encourage you to remember who you are! He'd insist you aren't a pathetic human with a head full of eyes, nostrils, and teeth, nor a feeble, hopeless creature inching your way across an open field beneath a murder of crows. Rather, he'd be adamant that you are a wondrous, limitless being, a powerful entity blind to your own godliness. While the world twists and writhes, he'd say that you remain pure, divine consciousness in human form—a spirit in the material world.

He'd further remind you that you are dazzling—a stream of exquisite energy that erupted from the heart of Source, a precious beam within an ever-expanding universe. He'd remind you that you are a gorgeous, melodious, and creative creature having a trippy experience within a generously abundant and altruistic universe.

He'd want you to remember that you are unbelievably resilient and resourceful, and that nothing, nothing, nothing can take away from what you really are—no matter what the world throws at you!

2. Remember Why You Are Here
He'd also want you to remember why you chose to come here in the first place, particularly when it feels like everything has been thrown into a high-speed blender. He'd say that you chose to be born into this world to learn, grow, love, and serve. The world needs your love. The world needs your service. The world needs you to keep trying. The world needs you to be genuinely plugged into your pure divine consciousness.

He'd urge you to keep searching for and sharing your light for the purpose of ushering in greater freedom for you and the planet, to shine brightly in a world that is, quite frankly, dying for illumination.

He'd remind you that you are a powerful, infinite, and wondrous being who decided—for a purpose so vast and interconnected that it defies explanation—to play the game of life. He'd then rattle off all the reasons why you chose to be here: for the challenge of flicking on the switch; to remember your true nature despite the trials of Earth; to shine light into the world so that others might see; to help bring an end to the fallacy of separation; to awaken from the dream despite being spellbound by illusion; to learn to love during times of adversity.

He'd say something about you incarnating into human form to get amongst it, to experience the strangeness of being a seemingly separate entity negotiating a virtual non-reality while attempting to shake off spiritual amnesia. He'd be adamant that you are a spiritual warrior determined to excel.

He'd also hint that you volunteered to hold out a tiny torch to assist those who are lost, to those who worship their egos, power, control, materialism, fear, separation, and terror with little thought for much else. He'd say that you are here to play a role in bringing everyone home with less regret in their hearts, knowing that every contribution you make adds to human evolution and raises global consciousness.

He'd say you decided to incarnate to help reignite the planet, to wake up from the dream, to cultivate compassion, forgiveness, and fearlessness even at the height of insanity. He'd suggest that you've worked hard on yourself and it's now time to turn your attention to others, and he'd insist you have a vital role to play as an integral and irreplaceable element that has been carefully woven into the fabric of the universe. He'd insist you are exactly where you need to be for very valid reasons.

3. Remember to Love
When you're gripped by fear and anger, it's hard to don a monk's tunic and be the embodiment of love and peace, but that's precisely what Blob would suggest. He'd say that you embody pure, uncorrupted, unconditional, unadulterated, take-your-breath-away love, that you are an incredible entity pulsing with perpetual, enduring, white-hot love, that you are love personified, that you are love and light. He'd suggest that as maddening as things appear, the best thing you can possibly do is invoke your kind and loving nature, knowing that you grow from the love you extend. He'd encourage you to unreservedly extend love, even—no, especially—when things are at their craziest.

How the heck can you do this when the world seems to be spinning off its axis? By staying alert for loving opportunities in every situation and generating as much compassion and light as you can. By calling to mind the oneness of all beings. By remembering that you are irrevocably connected to everyone and everything. By never forgetting that you are not separate from anything in the universe.

Remember, you were born to love and be loved. You were born to share love and light. It is natural for you to love. It is unnatural for you not to. And when all is said and done, when all the madness subsides, the only thing of enduring significance will be … love … because love is all that matters.

4. Remember the Illusion
It might sound odd, but Blob would also suggest that life isn't as "solid" or "real" as you think. He would refer to its dreamlike nature, its likeness to a movie being projected onto a giant screen. He would say that if you perceive said film as a horror flick, you will, of course, experience a decent wallop of fear. But there is another projection altogether, which you yourself can project: Light. You are light. So, while the apparent horrors of the world are being broadcast onto the big screen, you can saturate a light over them so bright that it renders them null and void.

Blob would say that no matter what you perceive in the world, shine your light as brightly as you can, in all circumstances, at every turn, remembering that you are light and you have the power to shine away the darkness. Your light is blinding! Nobody can take that away. Your eternal, immortal, unbreakable spirit exists beyond the body, beyond the world, beyond the shadows, beyond the chaos, beyond life and death and beyond the horror/sci-fi tackiness that the world would have you believe!

He'd proffer that you survive what is taking place in the world by engaging your spirit, your light, your strength. He'd say power up and be fearless, knowing that at the end of the day, life is but a dream that can do you no harm when placed against the magnitude of who you really are. Bring that which scares you to the light and transform it. Throw open the theatre curtains and allow the light to pour in, all the while remembering that you are a godly entity having an earthly experience, rather than a godawful entity having an ugly experience!

5. Remember to Think Higher Thoughts
I'm also supremely confident that Blob would say that, no matter what's going on, nobody, nobody, nobody can rob you of your thoughts! Your thoughts are yours. You own them. They are energetic. They are alive. They create. They contribute to how the world evolves. They either add to or subtract from the harmony of the planet and your own personal universe.

Every individual is creating with their thoughts nonstop, all the time, everywhere, and you are in a position to add to the overall "positivity" or "negativity" that is shaping everything around you. Every negative thought that you have adds to the denseness of today's group consciousness, which keeps you and everyone else mired where you don't want to be.

So, he'd say for the world's sake, as well as your own, think wisely, carefully and "highly!" The process of exerting mental clarity in an informed, conscious way has never been more crucial. At this stage of planetary evolution, never before have your thoughts been more important!

6. Remember the Now
"The now" is a tough concept to grasp if you haven't experienced it, but Blob maintains that it is a hugely beneficial paradigm to aspire to. I, therefore, know for a fact that he would give it a mention in a conversation like this. He would say that from moment to moment, you should work with whatever is before you with the most expansive consciousness you can. He would suggest you radiate your light dynamically and boldly in whatever situation you find yourself. He would remind you that in this moment you are okay, full of explosive awareness, and safe.

He'd want you to know that the now is primed to rush in and flood your awareness. All it takes is your willingness, so open your mind!

7. Remember to Meditate
This is such a simple one that it's hard not to yawn, but Blob would definitely recommend meditation. He'd say that divinity is in and around you, that an almighty energy is "living" you, that you are a heavenly, serene, living and breathing wonder capable of extending vast amounts of energy in the form of inexorable love, that you are divine and irrevocably connected to everyone, that you are gliding through ever-changing circumstances that are about as real as a dream, that despite the turmoil, you are inherently peaceful, and that there is no better way of sensing all of this than through meditation.

Aummmmm ….

8. Remember to Transcend
This is the big crescendo that Blob would have been leading to. Here's where he'd press you to transcend all the fallacies of the world! He'd remind you that you are immortal, divine, eternal and way beyond the earthly insanity. He'd remind you that you are a commanding being of light, boundless, and spiritually free, an intricate and essential fragment of the vastness, an orchestra of melody, color, and movement that is nothing short of spectacular. He'd suggest that you are negotiating a virtual reality while attempting to shake off spiritual amnesia, that you are being driven by Source energy, that you have the capacity to transcend every fear.

He'd hammer home that you are a mystical being whose core vibrates with peace, that you possess all the necessary ingredients to live life as an enlightened being, that you are alchemy in motion, that the illumination you seek is already within you, that you are loved forever regardless of what is playing out in your dreamlike reality.

He would definitely, unequivocally, without question state that the madness of the world can be used as a catalyst for you to transform from chrysalis to butterfly; to awaken—because, my friend, that's why you are here!

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