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It's Only Natural

Crystal Ball and Water

Many people would like to communicate with spirits, but do not think they have the ability. My response to that is: It's Only Natural.

As children, we are all fresh, open and new to this world. We are so close from the other side that we still carry memories of past lives and the spiritual side of life. Therefore, we are wide open and oh so very receptive to the spirits who reside there. We can talk to our grandparents, communicate with our spirit guides, and receive visits from master teachers. That is, until someone tells us we can't.

Many children experience scenes with their skeptical parents where the parents convince them that they really aren't seeing Grandma, Aunt Myrtle, or the gardener, all of whom are in spirit. With enough pressure applied, the child will soon forget that he or she ever could see, hear, or feel the presence of spirits. It is so unfortunate that some parents are not more open themselves to the idea that their children really do see Grandma. What the parents don't realize is, they, too, can communicate with Grandma.

I do not remember seeing spirits as a child, probably because my rigid parents told me I wasn't seeing what I was claiming to see. As an adult, I was always fascinated with astrology and anything mystical. I was so impressed after receiving my first spiritual reading that my reaction was, "I want to do that too!" So, I began development classes with the medium who had given me the reading. After a short time, some of the sensations I experienced felt familiar. It was then that I realized I had encountered spirits as a child, I just didn't consciously remember the events. As adults, we can go back and reclaim our natural abilities; we can reconnect to that spiritual cord.

My students are frequently surprised when they deliver a message to another member of the class and that person relates to the message. "You mean, I was right?" they ask. Yes—it's only natural. What a pleasant surprise!

I liken communicating with spirits to dancing: everyone can do it—some people just happen to do it a little better than others. Some people choose to dance professionally, others for their personal amusement, and still others just barely move around the floor—but they're still dancing. It is the same with communicating with spirits. We can all dance—we can all communicate with spirits—some are just more proficient than others.


The spirit world is eager to communicate. Your loved ones and friends who are now in spirit would like the opportunity to talk to you, and frequently will make attempts. It is common for spirit relatives to drop in to see how things are going in our lives. During special holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays, the family gathers—in spirit as well as physically. Your spirit family joins in on the festivities, whether you are aware of their presence or not. They want to know what's going on in your life and be a part. They still love you and care, so why wouldn't they want to hang around? It's only natural!

Sometimes we ignore their attempts to communicate, passing it off as coincidences, so spirit relatives will come to us in a dream state. While dreaming, your conscious mind does not interfere with the communication. Often they will speak with you, giving you advice or the answer to a problem you are experiencing. Sometimes they simply want to express their love. Other times they are involved in a scene in your dream, a dream that probably has a message for you.

We can consciously choose to use our dreams to talk to our loved ones. It's called programming. Be sure to place a tablet and pen beside your bed before you retire for the night. Write the question you want answered on the tablet. Choose the most appropriate relative suited to answer your question. Page 43 in my book How To Communicate With Spirits explains how we retain our personalities when we cross over. With that in mind, when I am concerned about business matters, I always call upon my father because he was a businessman, for example. So, select the person you feel would best be able to answer your question. In the stillness, take several deep breaths and visualize your chosen relative. Ask silently that he or she visit you in your dreams. State the question you want answered and thank them for helping you. Also, program yourself to remember the dream by saying silently to yourself, "I will remember the details of this dream with perfect clarity when I awake." Go to sleep, and when you wake up, write down as much of the dream as you can remember, including your feelings. With a little faith, this method will work the first time. If not, keep trying; practice makes perfect.

Some of the inhabitants in the spirit world elect to serve as personal guides to those of us on the earth. We have many guides who oversee our endeavors and creations and assist us through every crisis. They are but a breath away, closer than hands and feet. All we have to do is call out to them in order to receive. We are meant to communicate with our guiding forces in spirit. They are there to protect us, guide us, inspire us.


When we ask our guiding forces for an answer to a question, sometimes we think we should receive the answer in a bold manner. Perhaps we imagine a booming, masculine voice saying, "YES, you should change your job!" But it doesn't happen that way. That would be too simple, and spirit doesn't usually work in the field of simple. Sometimes when we ask a question the answer will be felt immediately. No loud voice, just a feeling. We "feel" with our intuition that this is the correct choice, the wisest path, to take. Other times the answer will come several hours later by various means, several days later, or perhaps several weeks. The point is, we do receive an answer, it just might not be at the particular time we think is appropriate to our impatient needs.

Spirit expects us to be aware of our environment, otherwise, we will not recognize our answers. It has been my experience that spirits sometimes make us work to receive an answer so that we learn to pay attention to our surroundings. If we are wondering if we should change jobs, for instance, and then read in the morning paper that a particular well-known store is opening and needs managers, that could be our message to apply for the job. But if we are not paying attention, we miss the answer intended to help us. Then again, even if we recognize a potential answer, the normal response for us is usually, "Oh, it can't be that. This is a coincidence." We deny the answer that has been put right in front of our face. Spirit is testing us to see if we are paying attention. If we are working on an awareness level, we will understand immediately that the advertisement is our answer. However, if we want to view this as a coincidence, we probably will remain in our old, stale job for many months to come.

Spirit can assist us with inspiration, but sometimes it is tricky. Those who are artists, lyricists, or writers will understand that sometimes the inspiring thoughts we are seeking seem to be avoiding us. Try as we may, the word doesn't come, the musical bar escapes us. Spirit can assist in this hunt for perfection, but we must be wide open as to how we will receive. Peaceful surroundings and meditation are usually the suggestions we are given to facilitate inspiration. After all, this is the most conducive environment in which to receive inspiration. However, don't close the door on other means spirit may choose to impress you.


One time in particular, I asked for direction during my morning mediation on a writing project, the details of which can be found on page 33 in How To Communicate With Spirits. I did not receive the answer I was seeking during the meditation (no booming voice). Later that day, while driving to Daytona Beach, I was playing rock and roll music on the radio. Despite the racket it produces, I frequently receive inspiration while driving with loud music blaring, and this method did not disappoint on that day. A song came on the radio titled "Got My Mind Set On You," by George Harrison. When George came to the chorus, he sang repeatedly, "Do it, do it, do it!" If that wasn't obvious enough, to make sure I got the message, just as George was singing the chorus, a motorcyclist rode by on my left. On the back of his white tee shirt were the words, "Do It." Mission accomplished, message received. Most of my answers are not received in such an obvious way, and your answers probably won't be either.

Sometimes we get what I call "teasers." We think we just received the answer, but when applied, it doesn't work out. So what gives? Sometimes I believe spirit's purpose is to get our attention, not give us an answer. The real answer comes later—if we pay attention!


Keeping a journal of the messages received during meditation is a very worthwhile practice. In our busy world, we can't be expected to remember every single message. It is also wise to keep a record of what we are asking guidance about. If we are experiencing a repetitive situation in our lives, it means we aren't paying attention to the message being given. It would be wise to refer to the journal to see if this recurring situation is a message relating to one of our questions. We have to remember that spirit will try some very unique ways to impress us with the answer.

Journaling is also very therapeutic. Over a period of time when we journal about a dilemma in our lives, we can come to a resolution through the journaling process. As we write our thoughts, spirit has the opportunity to impress us with answers. And even if we do not feel we have received an answer, we should feel better for having done the exercise. It's cleansing to put pen to paper, expressing our emotions and concerns.

There was a time when I was single and lonely due to a break up in a relationship. I received the inspiration to journal my feelings everyday. I poured my heartbreak out onto the pages of my journal, knowing that I didn't understand why this was happening to me, but trusting that it was for my highest and best good. I always ended the passages with the phrase, "Thank you, God, I'm learning." Showing gratitude for whatever circumstance we find ourselves in assists in our spiritual growth. When the time is right, spirit will make it clear to us why we had to go through a trauma or heartbreak. But in the meantime, be thankful for the opportunity to grow.


People react in one of two ways when I tell them I am a medium or psychic. Either they are overjoyed and think it's a wonderful thing, or they become rigid and make a speedy exit. People who don't have an understanding about spirits frequently are afraid. I wouldn't recommend sharing information about your communications with spirits with people in general, but especially avoid doing so with those who may be skeptical or ignorant of the facts. Some people may think you're nutty, have an active imagination, or an inflated ego. Our spiritual activities are best kept in the silence.

I remember, as a child when something exciting was expected to occur, such as going to the circus, if I talked about it, somehow things didn't seem to work out the way I had anticipated. When this would happen, I always felt I had jinxed the event by talking about it. From these childhood experiences I learned to shut my mouth. What's between you and spirit is private. Don't talk about your experiences with people. You don't want other people's energy interfering with you or their personal skepticism destroying your belief in the development of your abilities.

There's a whole world of spirits out there waiting for you to reach out to them. They are there to assist, guide, protect and love you. It's only natural!

About Elizabeth Owens

Elizabeth Owens (Florida) was Certified as a Medium in 1984 and ordained as a Spiritualist Minister in 1985. Since September of 2001, she has been appearing on radio shows across the nation promoting her books. Elizabeth ...

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